Guidelines for the Promotion of Events Where Alcohol Will be Served

1.    Marketing programs specifically targeted for students on campus must conform to the Creighton University code of student conduct and must avoid demeaning sexual, racial, or other discriminatory references.

2.    Promotion materials must neither encourage any form of alcohol abuse nor make reference to the amount of alcoholic beverage (such as the number of beer kegs available or expressions like 'all you can drink.')

3.    Alcoholic beverages (such as kegs or cases of beer) must not be provided as free awards to individual students or campus organizations.

4.    No uncontrolled sampling as part of campus marketing programs shall be permitted and no sampling, or other promotional activities, shall include "drinking contests."

5.    Where controlled sampling is allowed by law and institutional policy, it must be limited as to time and quantity. Principles of good hosting must be observed including availability of alternative beverages, food, and planned programs. The consumption of alcohol must not be the sole purpose of any promotional activity.

6.    Promotional activities must not be associated with otherwise existing campus events or programs without the prior knowledge and consent of the Student Leadership & Involvement Center.

7.    Display or availability of promotional materials must follow the poster policy developed by Creighton University. All marketing programs must have educational value and subscribe to the philosophy of responsible and legal use of the products represented. All promotional materials will include the language, "alcohol will only be available to those of age and with proper photo identification". 

8.    Alcohol advertising on campus or institutional media, including that which promotes events as well as product advertising, must not portray drinking as a solution to personal or academic problems of students or as necessary to social, sexual, or academic success.

9.    Advertising and other promotional campus activities must not associate the consumption of alcohol with the performance of tasks that require skilled reactions such as the operation of motor vehicles or machinery.

10.  Local off-campus promotional activities, primarily directed to students, must be developed in cooperation with the Director of Student Leadership & Involvement Center.

Rationale: It is common practice for the Student Leadership & Involvement Center to ask student organizations and event organizers to supply the above information on their promotional materials to educate the public.  This would be solidifying a common practice into policy.