T-shirt/Merchandise and Licensing Waiver Policy

  • The Student Leadership & Involvement Center must approve any designs for T-shirts or other merchandise created by student organizations.
  • T-shirt and other merchandise designs must be submitted to the Student Leadership & Involvement Center (via the proper form on CU Involved) before any items are made/printed. Please submit design at least 2 weeks before the printing date.
  • After the form is processed, the organization will be notified by email.
  • Any organization that creates and distributes T-shirts or other merchandise without prior approval will be in violation of this policy and will be responsible for the consequences.
  • The Creighton University logo and the Athletic marks are registered and protected trademarks of Creighton University, protected by both the University Marketing and Communications Office and the Athletic Department, as well as the US Patent Office. No alterations are permitted on the University seal or logo. This policy helps to ensure immediate recognition, the maintenance of appropriateness, and the prevention of commercial use without compensation to the University.  Slight alterations are occasionally permitted on the Bluejay.
  • Registered student organizations, as defined by the University, using the names, marks, logo, seals, and/or symbols of Creighton University in any commercial venture, whether fundraising or promotional, are required to seek prior approval from the Student Leadership & Involvement Center by completing a T-shirt/Merchandise Design Approval and Licensing Waiver Form.
  • Products sold or given away bearing the trademarks of the University and the names or logo of a registered student organization, for the sole benefit of that organization, are exempt from a royalty fee charged for commercial ventures.  However, these products must be purchased from licensed vendors whenever possible.