Privileges and Responsibilities

The following guidelines outline the advantages and responsibilities of registering as a student organization at Creighton University.

Perks of being a Registered Student Organization:

  • You are included in the On-Line Registered Student Organization Directory, CU Involved, and other publications
  • All student organization presidents included on student organization listserv
  • Use the Student Center, campus mall and most equipment with no rental fees (in addition to reserving other spaces on campus.)
  • Post on the Campus Posting Boards without obtaining approval from the Student Leadership & Involvement Center (Must get approval for any event involving alcohol).
  • Participation in the Involvement Fair. (Held every fall & winter; space is limited)
  • Ability to have a Student Organization CU Involved site, which will function as the organization's website.
  • Use student organization resources,  computer area and printers in the Student Leadership & Involvement Center at no charge.
  • Apply for funding from the Creighton Students Union (does not apply to groups with selective membership).
  • Co-sponsor programs with the CSU Program Board.
  • Open a Creighton Federal Credit Union account  
  • Get a mail folder in the Student Leadership & Involvement Center.
  • Access professional consultation for your student organization issues.
  • Ability to apply for Leadership Education Grant funding.

Responsibilities for all Registered Student Organization:

  • Attend the CSU Fall Conference. Failure to attend will terminate funding from CSU.
  • Avoid any activity, speech, or expression that may be deemed as:
    1. Creating a clear danger of inciting violence or unlawful behavior.
    2. Advocating the physical harm, coercion, intimidation or invasion of the personal rights of any individual
    3. Violating University policies on harassment.
    4. Advocating the willful damage, destruction or seizure of University property.
    5. Interfering with classes or University activities. Please refer to the Creighton University Student Handbook for the official University policy.
  • Accept the responsibility for a member's behavior when:
    1. She/he is acting as a member of the organization, with or without sanction
    2. An event is held, official or unofficial, in the name of the organization
  • Provide programs or services which constructively fulfill the purpose of the organization and Creighton University such as:
    1. Leadership development for the organization's officers
    2. The sharing of ideas, values and activities for officers and members
    3. Professional and educational programs which may enhance the curricular interests of members
  • Receive approval from the Student Leadership & Involvement Center for:
    1. T-shirt and other merchandise designs and use of the Creighton University and/or Bluejay logos
    2. Fundraising efforts
    3. Events and postings involving alcohol
    4. Linking an organization's web site to the Student Leadership & Involvement web page
    5. All events (on and off campus)
    6. Travel (international and domestic)
  • Abide by the organization's constitution and bylaws and submit any changes to the Student Leadership & Involvement Center for approval.
  • Participate in training opportunities endorsed by the Student Leadership & Involvement Center.
  • Maintain registration throughout the year by keeping officer information current in the Student Leadership & Involvement Center, and by filling out an Annual Registration Form and an Annual Activity Report in April or at the beginning of the regular school year.  Failure to maintain registration will result in that organization receiving a "pending" status and lose all privileges (see above) as a Student Organization. After one year of "pending" status, the organization is considered "unregistered." In order for the organization to become registered again, the group is required to complete the SORC process.
  • Check the Student Organization mail folder in the Student Leadership & Involvement Center on a weekly basis.
  • Maintain a CU Involved site for your student organization and keep it up-to-date with organization information.