Mission Statements

A mission statement is important because it addresses our basic need for definition and direction. It defines the purpose of the organization and the values and ethical principles by which members aspire to live. Furthermore, mission statements provide a foundation by which the organization should operate and create goals.

Creating and integrating an empowering mission statement takes time and commitment. If you plan to create an organizational mission statement or want to review the statement your organization has already created, you should refer to Creighton University's Mission Statement and consult the following list of statement characteristics as a guideline. An empowering mission statement:

  • focuses on contribution and worthwhile purposes.
  • should be created by organization members and executive officers.
  • is based on timeless principles.
  • contains both vision and principle-based values.
  • addresses the needs of all participants.
  • includes fulfillment in physical, social, mental, and spiritual dimensions.
  • is written to inspire you - not to impress anyone else.
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