Before You Begin

The first step in starting a new organization is making an appointment with the Molly Salisbury, the Assistant Director of the Student Leadership & Involvement Center, who will advise you throughout the application process. Please call 280-1715 or email to set up an appointment.

Requirements and Other Considerations:

The application process can be lengthy. Please note that this time frame is a guideline; the approval process may take longer than indicated.

  • You must have four full-time Creighton students who are interested in being part of your proposed organization.
  • A moderator who is a faculty or staff member from Creighton must agree to advise the organization. The student organizers are responsible for finding a moderator.
  • Membership must be open to all Creighton University students (without regard to race, color, national or ethic origin, disability, sex or religion) in order to receive funding from the Creighton Students Union (CSU). (Restricted membership may be granted if the organization provides adequate justification for this special status. Social fraternities and sororities may retain gender-specific membership).
  • Groups applying for registration must not be duplicating efforts of other groups on campus.
  • Organizations must live out the University mission and be consistent with the values of the Catholic and Jesuit traditions in both purpose and practice. Organizations must contribute to the overall educational mission of the University. They must demonstrate that activities will contribute to the advancement of social, moral, cultural, intellectual, physical, or spiritual development of its individual members and the University community.
  • Organizations must be sustainable. That is, the organization must be able to function and retain student interest after the initial organizers have graduated.
  • Also, consider the Privileges and Responsibilities of Student Organizations at Creighton University.