Director's Welcome

Associate Vice Provost


Whether you are currently living in our residence halls or apartments, or if you are considering to do so in the future, allow me to welcome you.  While there are many ways to become engaged in the Creighton community, nothing does it as well as living on campus.  The residence halls and apartments are, after all, about community and we want you to not only live on campus, but become actively engaged in the involvement and leadership opportunities that exist here.  A Creighton education, we believe, helps to provide you with a better understanding of what you wish to do with your life, and for most of us, that means taking on responsibilities in the communities in which we live be they in our hometowns or in our professions.  By living in the halls or apartments on campus, you are given the opportunity to hone your community leadership skills.   Use your time with us productively making the most of this marvelous privilege, all the while making friends, learning about who you are, and determining what you wish to do with this incredible gift of life that you have been given. 

Have a wonderful year.