IDEA Program Accreditation

IDEA Program Accreditation


Continuing Education Credit (IDEA Units) Information for Program Sponsors

The Diversity Action Team (DAT) has designed a continuing education program for the Division of Student Life employees. Initiatives for Diversity Education and Action (IDEA) was debuted to the Division on September 20, 2007.  In the spirit of seeking MAGIS (or “more”) from ourselves and others, the Division is calling its members to promote self-awareness and diversity competency.  In doing so, we are empowered to promote a climate of respect, recognizing the dignity of all persons in the University community, and those served by the University community.

Program Details

Each employee in the Division is required to complete approved diversity-focused continuing education totaling at least 8 IDEA units during an evaluation period (July 1 –-> June 30).  Attendance will be tracked by DAT and provided to managers/directors to be incorporated into Annual Performance Reviews.  A calendar of events is located on the website to assist staff members in selecting events and programs that enhance their diversity competency.  IDEA units will not be allowed to “roll over” to the next evaluation reporting period.

If you would like to have a diversity program accredited by DAT for Student Life Division staff to receive CEU units, the following criteria should be met.

Criteria for Program Acceptance

  • The program must be available to all Student Life employees.
  • The program content must address at least one of the intergroup competencies established for the division. These competencies can be found on the DAT website at If you need assistance in determining whether or not your program fits within a competency, contact
  • Program applications must be received at least 10 business days prior to the program/event.

How IDEA Units are Awarded

The awarding of IDEA units is based on participation in learning activities as outlined in this document. The amount of IDEA units allotted to each program/event follows a rubric that the Diversity Action Team has constructed to help direct the learning and growth of Student Life staff.  IDEA Units are awarded for a program based on the following model:

  • 1 IDEA Unit for programs & events that are "Attend & Observe" programs
    (ex: Luau, Movie, Dinner celebration)
  • 2 IDEA Units for programs that are "Participatory & Learning"
    (ex: read an article and discuss, lecture with discussion)
  • 3 IDEA Units for programs that are fully "Participatory & Interactive"
    (ex: Project Homeless Connect, Immersion trips, Interactive Workshops)

Expectations of Program Sponsors

The program sponsor will collect documentation for each staff participant, including name and date of the activity and the name and a signature of each employee on the sign-in sheet for each event.  That sheet will be submitted by the program sponsor to the DAT chair within one week of the end of the program.  From this information, DAT will be able to verify the awarding of IDEA units to participants and provide this verification to individuals who request it for at least one year after completion of the activity. The responsibility lies with the sponsors to handle any disputes regarding attendance.

The number of units will be clearly marked on all program advertisements so perspective attendees will know ahead of time how many units the program is worth.

Evaluation of Program(s) by Participant Attendees

While optional, the DAT team would like copies of evaluations or summaries of evaluations of programs in which IDEA units are given. Evaluation of IDEA programs is for the purpose of (1) gauging participant satisfaction, and (2) improving current and future programming. Satisfaction evaluations include assessment of the instructor’s level of knowledge and expertise, and teaching ability.

Additional Information

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Email:, or call 280-2775.