Creighton Lingo
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Creighton Lingo

  • Beadle: A sophomore who serves as a peer leader to assist the Faculty Preceptor in RSP 100.
  • The Bean: The bean-shaped patio located between Skutt Student Center and Kiewit Hall
  • Billy: Full name “Billy the Bluejay,” Billy is Creighton’s mascot.
  • Billy Blues Alumni Grill: Sports grill located in the Harper Center
  • The Bird Feeder: Convenience store in the Harper Center
  • BLUE ZONE:  Creighton's approach to alcohol education.
  • Candlelight: Candlelight Mass takes place at 10 p.m. on Sunday nights in St. John’s.  As the name suggests, candles provide the only light at this Mass.
  • CSU: Creighton Students Union is the representative body for Creighton students.
  • The Creightonian: Creighton’s student newspaper
  • Decurion: A junior or senior student who serves as a peer academic leader, instructing students with the Faculty Preceptor in RSP 100.
  • Faculty Preceptor: The faculty member that teaches RSP 100 and continues as students’ academic advisor through their first year at Creighton.
  • FanAttic: The spirit shop in the Harper Center Bookstore; It's where students go to GET BLUE!
  • FitNest: An exercise facilty in the Harper Center
  • Hilltoppers:  Creighton's original mascot.
  • IRHG: Inter Residence Hall Government
  • The KFC: The Kiewit Fitness Center
  • The Mall: The newly renovated Skinner Mall extends from Gallagher Hall to Morrison Soccer Stadium.
  • Neutral Zone (NZ): The common area on each residence hall floor
  • NSO: New Student Orientation