Wellness Advisory Board

Wellness Advisory Board

Guided by the divisional goal to develop students holistically and to partner in the pursuit of academic excellence, it is the responsibility of this committee to utilize the Seven Dimensions of Wellness to complement the Jesuit educational mission by providing services and programs that educate, promote and create opportunities for students to learn about and practice healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Membership on this Advisory Board is a 2-year commitment. To accomplish this, the Wellness Advisory Board (WAB) members:

  • Will be able to state each unit's role in promoting wellness to students
  • Will be able to identify opportunities within the major University Wellness units and within other University units to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors
  • Will create a wellness programming calendar for students and work with the Creative Suite to promote it
  • Will increase and assess the number of students who utilize multiple wellness services
  • Will educate the university community

Advisory Board Membership:

  • Mr. Steve Woita, Chair (Recreation and Wellness)
  • Dr. Michele Bogard, Student Life Liaison
  • Ms. Sue Weston (Student Health Services, Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing)
  • Mr. Isaac Ortega (Department of Residential Life)
  • Dr. Jennifer Peter (Student Counseling Services)
  • Ms. Jennifer Yee (University Partner: Exercise Science)
  • Ms. Randi Bibins-Clark (University Partner: Academic Success/CreightonEDGE)