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Why come to Summer Preview?

Look what others are saying about New Student Orientation at Creighton!

"It's natural for any student (and parent) to have some doubt about whether they chose the right college just before the start of their first semester. But attending Summer Preview session 'sealed the deal' for my daughter. After that 2-day experience, she knew that CU was the college for her. It gave her (and me) tremendous confidence going into her first year on campus." -Trish Guinan, parent

"It was a wonderful experience.  A very well run and organized program. I got to meet a lot of parents who have gone through sending their first child to school.  The offered a lot of helpful hints and support for us "first timers".  I felt it really prepared me what Creighton University has to offer and answered all my questions. After attending the summer preview program, my anxieties regarding sending my child away to school, were put at ease." - Ann Fairbairn, parent

"Leo and I sent our youngest daughter, Emily, off to Creighton this fall with a little hesitancy. Emily chose Creighton because "when I visited the campus it just felt right." Summer Preview was a great time for Emily and us to become acquainted with the campus, but the most important part of the two days was the understanding of why Emily felt called to Creighton. We were so impressed with the education Leo and I received about sending our child to Creighton. Then we arrived at move i? day and how wonderful to have what we had experienced as a negative experience with our other daughter to be stress free with Emily. I was anxious to say the least, to have my "baby" leave home, but the talk by one of the Deans was so comforting and reassuring that I was leaving my child in a place that cared greatly about her as a person as well as a student. We have not been disappointed. Emily absolutely loves Creighton and made an excellent choice!!!" - Keri Brooker, parent

"It really was informative and it was comforting to know that I would be leaving my son in such good hands and with such great company." - Dawn Hinkson, parent

"Summer preview gave me a taste of Creighton that left me craving for more as the fun, excitement, and love that I experienced during those first two days as a Bluejay have yet to leave me to this day." - Cameron Hinkson (Arts and Sciences)

"I loved Summer Preview because it was an awesome opportunity for me to meet people before school started.  It helped me find a group of students to eat lunch with the first week, walk to class with, go to Welcome Week events with. It was just a great chance to find your niche!" - Hannah Mooney (Arts and Sciences)