College of Nursing Groups
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College of Nursing Groups & Meeting Locations

The following alphabetical listing is for College of Nursing RSP groups.  It is ordered by Faculty Preceptor Last Name with their Room Assignment.  


Parents/Families & Students should meet at 3pm on Sat, August 17th at the Room Assignment assigned to the Faculty Preceptor (Faculty Advisor).


HARP = Harper Center

OMA = Office of Multicultural Affairs Presentation Area
CCSJ = Creighton Center for Service & Justice Classroom


Faculty Preceptor

Room Assignment

Banzhaf, Sara

HARP 2060

Cosimano, Amy

HARP 3033

Minnich, Margo

HARP 2067
(CCSJ Office)

Nilsson, Pat

HARP 1109
(OMA Office)

Oertwich, Ann

HARP 3036

Shirley, Nancy

HARP 3035