SafetyNest FAQs

SafetyNest Report Form

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are provided to help students determine if they would like to submit a report.


If you are ready to submit a report via SafetyNest, please do so by visiting our SafetyNest Reporting page.


If you have other questions about SafetyNest, you can email Dr. Wayne Young, Jr., Associate Vice President for Student Life at


How do I know if my concern should be reported on the safety nest?

If youíre concerned about a friendís actions or behavior, it is always ok to submit that concern on the safety nest.  Each concern is reviewed by staff members in the Division of Student Life and every situation is considered important.  If youíre worried about a friend that is reason enough to submit your concern to the safety nest.

Who receives the safety nest report after I submit it?

Safety nest information is received by select members of the Division of Student Life who are trained in working through difficult situation with students.  These staff members work with multiple departments and can coordinate an appropriate response to every situation.

Why does the report say that a Division of Student Life member might contact me?

Certain situations may require more information before a concern can be addressed.  If you are contacted by a Division of Student Life staff member, donít be alarmed!  The staff member will likely need to ask a few questions about your friend or about the specific situation before follow-up can occur.  Your information will be kept confidential throughout the process.

Will my friend find out that I submitted a concern about them?

Your information will be kept confidential throughout any follow-up with a student.  If you are concerned that your friend will know you submitted the Safety Nest report, please indicate that in your submission (i.e. if you are the only person that your friend has confided in.)  Division of Student Life staff will work to address the concern without ever mentioning your specific information, to help protect your privacy.  

What happens to my friend after I submit my concern?

Our number one concern is the safety and wellbeing of Creighton students.  Division of Student Life staff members will develop a plan to address the concern with your friend.  Each concern is unique and the needs of each individual student are taken into account when developing a response. 

Who should I talk to about my concern if I want to discuss it in person?

If you want to discuss a situation in-person rather than submit a concern online, please email and ask for a meeting with a Division of Student Life staff member.  You can also email if you have already submitted a concern and want to discuss it further.  Please visit the Office of the Vice President for Student Life in suite #3060 in the Harper Center.