Threatening Behaviors Committee

Threatening Behaviors Committee


Coordinating a steely focus on Threatening Behaviors: someone is planning to hurt themselves or hurt others. Physical harm to self or others.

Committee Focus

The Threatening Behaviors Committee has a focus on:

  • Personal safety, student safety, or the safety of others.
  • Any behavior that indicates acute personal distress in a physically harming manner.
  • Behavior that could be described as disruptive or disturbing behavior.
  • Concerning behavior that involves alcohol and/or drugs.

Committee Objectives

The following objectives have been identified for the Threatening Behaviors Committee:

  • Create ongoing communication in line with best practices ensuring a sustainable, confidential structure.
  • Coordinate education to campus stakeholders in order to create pathways towards early identification of possible issues.
  • Advise the Vice Provost for Student Life and other campus leaders.

Frequency of Meetings

The Threatening Behavior Committee meets twice a month.

Resources for Campus

The Threatening Behavior Committee has developed two important resources for campus safety.

Committee Members

Nancy Schrage, Human Resources
Wayne Young, Jr., Ph.D., Residential Life
Jim Jansen, J.D., General Counsel
Jennifer Peter, Psy.D., Director, Student Counseling Services
Marshall Kole, Office of Equity and Inclusion
Sangeetha Kumar, Student Counseling Services
Michael D. Reiner, Public Safety
Desiree Nownes, Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing
TBD, President's Office
Allison Taylor, Office of Equity and Inclusion
Wayne Young, Jr., Ph.D., Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life

Important Safety Resources at Creighton University

Public Safety
Creighton University
Jahn Building
2204 Burt Street
Omaha, NE 68178
Emergency Phone: 402.280.2911
Business Phone: 402.280.2104

Creighton University Safety Website