Envisioning the Future

Envisioning Our Future

The Division of Student Life has been engaged in a discernment process beginning in July 2015 to identify opportunities to enhance all student experiences. To begin this process, the Division dialogued on key questions:

  • In what ways should we engage, understand and know our students?
  • How can we prepare our students for a changing world?
  • How can we integrate technologies into the work we do for and with students?
  • If we were to create high-value student experiences, what would they be?
  • In what ways can we better assist students in their search for meaning and purpose?

From these conversations, key themes were identified:

  • Student Development
  • Student Leadership
  • Student Connections
  • Residential Living
  • Our Dynamic Work and Creative Problem Solving

Following the identification of key themes, 10 Innovation Councils were established to explore and propose initiatives for consideration:


  • Meaningful Student Employment Experiences Council: create intentional learning opportunities for our student employees that prepare them for life after college.
  • Intercultural Competency Council: develop learning opportunities and programs that embrace inclusivity, acceptance and promoting the dignity of all persons.
  • Wellness Programs, Partners, and Facilities Council: determine programmatic needs and opportunities to create a wellness culture.


  • Incorporating StrengthsFinder into our Ignatian Leadership Formation Council: explore implementing a class-year based integration of Gallup's StrengthsFinder into the existing Ignatian Leadership programming.


  • Transitioning New Undergraduates Council: re-imaging our existing new student orientation programs (Summer Preview and Welcome Week) to enhance students and their families transition to Creighton and the first year of college life.
  • Transitioning Seniors/Life After Undergrad Council: create an intentional and comprehensive transition from the Creighton undergraduate experience to life after college.
  • Understanding Graduate and Professional Students and Adult Learners Needs Council: take a deep dive to better understand students that Student Life historically has under-served (professional, graduate, part-time, and adult learners), and make recommendations on how to better enhance their experience.


  • Living Learning Communities and Themed Communities Council: expand the living learning communities and themed housing offerings for our on-campus, residential students.
  • On-Campus Living Facilities Council: re-imaging the living experience of our current residence hall communities without major renovations or new building.


  • Being Responsive to Our Students While Caring for Our Staff Council: rethink the way Student Life goes about doing its work. Looking to enhance the student experience and create a culture of balance for our staff (a win-win).