Step-by-Step Guide

10 Steps to CU Abroad!

Step 1:     Complete the Online Tutorial - Study Abroad 101: Getting Started

Complete the Study Abroad 101 Online Tutorial via the BlueLine Study Abroad Community Group (click here to enroll). It will give you all the information you need to begin your Study Abroad process!

Step 2:     Meet with the Global Programs Advisor or a Peer Advisor

After attending a "Study Abroad 101" session or completing the online tutorial, you may have even more questions or need additional assistance in selecting a program.  Peer Advisors are past study abroad students who are available to help students in the process.  Please contact the Global Programs Advisor ( to get started or to ask any questions you have.  

Step 3:     Explore program options

Researching program options and deciding on the study abroad program that is right for you can be a daunting task.  Remember, the Global Programs Advisor is happy to assist you during this process. While researching study abroad program options you should plan to attend the Study Abroad Fair.  It is also a good idea to talk with your academic advisor, your parents, and past study abroad participants. If you know that you are planning to study abroad at some point during your time at Creighton, GEO recommends that you apply for your passport as early as possible--don't wait until your plans are finalized to get a passport!

Step 4:     Submit the "Creighton Proposal to Study Abroad" or the "Encuentro Dominicano Application" to the GEO

When you have identified a study abroad program that is a good fit for you, you will need to submit the online FLPA Application, Encuentro Dominicano Application, or CU Proposal to Study Abroad.  All Creighton students planning to study abroad MUST obtain approval from GEO before applying directly to a program/host institution (See Policies & Procedures). If possible, you should try and submit the online application or proposal 6-12 months BEFORE you plan to study abroad. For each application or proposal, you will need to submit supporting document before your application will be reviewed.

Step 5:     Complete the Study Abroad Course Approval Form
(Included in your Pre-Departure Forms Packet)

After you are notified of receiving GEO approval to study abroad, you will be required to complete the Study Abroad Course Approval Form. This form will assist you in identifying courses to take while you are abroad and how those courses will transfer back to Creighton. To complete this form, you will need to obtain signatures from your academic advisor, the Dean's Office, Department Chairs, and the Financial Aid Office. NOTE:  Students participating on the Encuentro Dominicano program and any Faculty-Led Summer Program Abroad do not need to complete this step. 

Step 6:     Apply directly to your program sponsor

When the Study Abroad Coordinator has received your Study Abroad Course Approval Form, you will receive email notification that you are ready to submit an application directly to your program sponsor/host instituion.  Do not apply directly to a program until you have completed the Proposal to Study Abroad and the Study Abroad Course Approval FormNOTE:  Students participating on the Encuentro Dominicano program do not need to complete this step. Limerick Program applicants will have their application e-mailed directly to them after they've been approved.

Step 7:     Attend the Pre-Departure Orientation

The Pre-Departure Orientation, organized each semester by the Global Engagement Office, is mandatory for all study abroad students. This is an excellent time to have all of your questions answered, meet other students who, like you, will be abroad during the next term, and talk with past study abroad participants. See Calendar.

Step 8:     Prepare for your departure

You're almost there!  Prior to your departure, there are many things that you will need to consider.  The items in this section are extremely important and can affect whether or not you have a successful time abroad. Please review this information very carefully and contact the Global Engagement Office if you have any questions.

Step 9:     Submit all required forms and documentation by the "Forms Deadline"

All students traveling abroad need to submit certain forms and documentation to GEO. Students traveling abroad during a spring term must submit all forms and documentation on or before December 1st. Students traveling abroad during a fall term, academic year, or summer term must submit all forms and documentation on or before May 1st. Students who do not have complete files by this deadline will not receive final approval to study abroad (See Policies & Procedures).

Step 10:    Have a great time abroad!

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