Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors

These students have returned from studying abroad and can't wait to share their experiences with you!

Feel free to connect with any Study Abroad Peer Advisor by e-mail. Peer Advisors are also available to meet in person for advising or a quick question. If you would like to schedule an in-person meeting, please email him/her with your availability.

Sally Moore

Alex Tarter


Majors: Medical Anthropology, Sociology

Program: ISEP Direct - India

I am a senior from rural Nebraska, but I hope to live and work abroad after graduation.  I love being outdoors, trying new foods and restaurants, and meeting new people!


Majors: Physics, Math

Programs: Creighton in Glasgow, FLPA Spain

I am a senior in the Honors Program, physics club, and math club at CU.  I enjoy eating, hiking, and camping around the Midwest.  I hope to return to Scotland for graduate school!

Kelsey Rohlfing

Clare Schwab


Major: Theology

Program: SLU - Madrid, Spain

I am a senior from Colorado, and I love baseball, the mountains, and doing anything outdoors.  I've been bitten by the travel bug, and hope to continue traveling after graduation.  I really miss dinners with my big host family in Spain!


Major: Nursing

Program: Creighton in Limerick

I am a junior from Minnesota (St. Paul).  When I'm not studying for nursing, I enjoy reading, dancing, and being with friends.  I am involved with CUSNA, IRHG, and am a member of Alpha Phi.  I cannot wait for my next opportunity to explore Europe further!

Willie Shearon

Brianna Friesen


Major: Biology, Pre-Med

Program: Encuentro Dominicano

I am a junior from Minnesota (St. Paul), and I love playing basketball and reading about current events.  I work with the campus ministry S.a.L.T. team and serve on the University events committee.  I am always looking for ways to keep up with Spanish, news in the DR, and to share the impact of my experience with other students.  Go Jays!


Major: International Relations

Program: Creighton in Seoul

Annyonhaseyo!  I am a senior at CU whose hobbies include long drives and random adventures.  Going abroad has really tested me and, after meeting some of the coolest people ever, I would do it all over again!

Colleen Dudley

Amanda Wolfbauer


Major: Communication Studies, Pre-OT

Program: Arcadia in Turkey

I am a senior, and I enjoy walking, running, and Premium Night at Brandeis!  I love to learn through reading, reflecting, and interacting with others.  Life prompts many questions, and studying abroad offers a wonderful opportunity to answer them.


Major: International Relations

Program: ISEP-Exchange - Morocco

I am a senior from small-town Minnesota.  I spent a full year studying in Morocco and left a part of my heart there.  I love to write, host Taco Tuesday parties, and go on road trips with friends.  I plan to return to the Middle East/North Africa to work after I graduate.