Study Abroad Programs for Anthropology/Sociology Majors

The study abroad programs listed below might interest Anthropology or Sociology students. This list has been compiled as a starting point; do not confine your search to this list. Schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad Coordinator to learn about more study abroad program opportunities. Before applying to a program, all Creighton students must seek program approval through the Global Engagement Office (GEO) and course approval through the applicable Dean's Office.

*The ISEP programs listed might be ISEP Exchange (Multilateral) or ISEP Direct (Partner) programs. Please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator or visit the ISEP website for more information.

  • Argentina
    ISA, Nacional Univ. de Cuyo (Associate)
  • Argentina
    ISA, Univ. of Belgrano (Associate)
  • Australia
    ISEP (various institutions)
  • Australia
    Arcadia, James Cook Univ. (Associate)
  • Australia
    IES, Univ. of Sydney (Associate)
  • Botswana
    ISEP, U of Botswana
  • Brazil
    CIEE, Liberal Arts (Associate)
  • Bulgaria
    ISEP, American U of Bulgaria
  • Canada
    ISEP (various institutions)
  • Chile
    ISA, Vina del Mar Univ (Associate)
  • Czech Republic
    ISEP, Masaryk University
  • Czech Republic
    CIEE, Central European Studies (Associate)
  • Denmark
    DIS, Multiple Tracks (Associate)
  • Dominican Republic
    Creighton's Encuentro Dominicano Semester Program
  • Egypt
    AmidEast Abroad (Partner)
  • England
    Arcadia, Univ. College London (Associate)
  • England
    IFSA, Univ. of Kent (Associate)
  • England
    IFSA, Univ. College London (Associate)
  • Estonia
    ISEP, Tartu University
  • Finland
    ISEP (various institutions)
  • Ghana
    ISEP, Univ. of Ghana
  • Greece
    CYA (Associate)
  • Guatemala
    Boston University (Associate)
  • Hungary
    ISEP, Univ. of Debrecen
  • Iceland
    ISEP, Univ. of Iceland
  • India
    ISEP, Univ. of Hyderabad
  • India
    IPS-L, Indian Heritage Program (Associate)
  • Ireland
    University of Limerick Semester Program (Affiliate)
  • Ireland
    Univ. of Limerick Summer Program (Associate)
  • Ireland
    IFSA, National Univ. of Maynooth (Associate)
  • Italy
    IES, Rome Center (Associate)
  • Italy
    Loyola Rome Center (Jesuit, Associate)
  • Italy
    ISA, Florence Univ. of the Arts (Associate)
  • Japan
    Sophia University (Bilateral Exchange)
  • Jordan
    AmidEast Abroad, Qasid Institute (Partner)
  • Lativa
    ISEP, Univ. of Latvia
  • Malta
    ISEP, Univ. of Malta
  • Morocco
    ISEP, Al-Akhawayn
  • Morocco
    ISA, Moulay Ismail Univ. (Associate)
  • The Netherlands
    ISEP (Various Institutions)
  • New Zealand
    ISEP, Massey Univ.
  • New Zealand
    AIFS, Victoria Univ. Wellington (Associate)
  • New Zealand
    GlobaLinks, Univ. of Waikato (Associate)
  • New Zealand
    IFSA, Univ. of Auckland (Associate)
  • Peru
    SIT (Associate)
  • Poland
    ISEP, Wroclaw Univ.
  • Scotland
    Creighton, Univ. of Glasgow (Affiliate)
  • Scotland
    IFSA, Univ. of Edinburgh (Associate)
  • South Africa
    CIEE, Cape Town Program (Associate)
  • South Korea
    Sogang University Bilateral Exchange
  • Spain
    Boston Univ., Menorca Program (Associate)
  • Spain
    SLU-Madrid Jesuit (Associate)
  • Spain
    ISA, Pablo de Olavide Univ (Associate)
  • Tanzania
    Arcadia (Associate)
  • Thailand
    ISEP, Thammasat Univ.
  • Thailand
    IPS-L, Thai Society & Service Program (Associate)