Study Abroad Team & Peer Ambassadors

Study Abroad Team

Lizzy Curran

Global Programs Coordinator

(402) 280-2221

Krista Cupich Wingender

Global Programs Coordinator

(402) 280-1823

Jill Muegge

Encuentro Dominicano Campus Coordinator

Encuentro & ILAC

(402) 280-4185

Study Abroad Peer Ambassadors

Connect with students who have returned from study abroad and can't wait to share their experiences with you!

Molly Carrig
Creighton in ITALY - Bologna
Major(s): Biochemistry
Office Hours: WED 2-3,    TH 9-10:30
Peyton Ernste
Creighton in IRELAND
Major(s): Nursing
Office Hours: MON 2-3, TUES 10-12:30
Hannah Kasem
ISEP - France
Major(s): Journalism & French
Office Hours: FRI 9:30 - 11

Teresa Kooima
Creighton in JAPAN
Major(s): Sustainable Energy Science & BA
Office Hours: TH 3:15 - 4
Alec Maskiewicz
Creighton in SPAIN
Major(s): Business Administration & Computer Science
Office Hours: TH 11-2
Jennifer McCormick
Creighton in AUSTRALIA
Major(s): Biology
Office Hours: TUES 9:30 - 11:30, WED 2-3

Emily Pritchard
Creighton in SCOTLAND
Major(s): English (Creative Writing) & Theology
Office Hours: TH 12 - 1:30, FRI 2-3:30
Tom Thibodeau
Creighton in GERMANY
Major(s): Finance & German
Office Hours: TUES 2-3, FRI 11-1:30
Conner Thompson
Major(s): International Relations & Legal Studies
Office Hours: TUES 12:30 - 2, WED 11-12

Hannah Walker
Creighton in ITALY - Rome
Major(s): Nursing
Office Hours: MON 11-2

Kayla Young
Encuentro Dominicano & FLPA Spain
Major(s): Journalism, Public Relations, Spanish
Office Hours: MON 10-12, WED 10-12