Staying Involved

Studying Abroad Is Only the Beginning…
You have seen first hand what the world has to offer.  The following is a list of ways to prolong your experience and to continue to grow in your new understanding of the world.

• Make an appointment with the Study Abroad Coordinator to share your experience and complete an evaluation of your off-campus program.

• Participate in study abroad fairs, information nights, or study abroad orientations –and share your own experiences.

• Talk to other Creighton students who have studied off-campus to talk with; they’ll be happy to swap stories.  The re-entry reception is a good opportunity to share adventures.

• Join or re-join the Creighton's International Student Association when you return. The organization is for anyone interested in international issues, people, and events.

• If you learned or improved your skills in another language while abroad, sign up for an advanced class in that language, or find someone who speaks that language and make plans to talk regularly with him or her in that language.

• Stay in regular contact with friends you made in your host country.

• Volunteer to be a peer advisor in the Multinational Ambassador Program (M.A.P.) for an international student who is enrolling at Creighton. Contact the Office of International Programs for more information.

• Read through your journal that you kept while you were abroad, or write down your experience now, so you can re-live your experience in future years. 

• Create a photo album or scrapbook to keep your memories preserved.  Remember to write captions for the pictures you took as soon as possible.

• Visit the CCSJ to learn about volunteer opportunities where you could utilize your newly acquired skills.

• Sign up for a global studies course offered by Creighton. 

• Read a newspaper from your “host country”. 

• Keep your international focus, watch CNN or channels that offer shows in foreign languages.

• Attend foreign films or rent them from the video store and have a movie marathon.

• Visit ethnic restaurants; cook your own ethnic food.

• Take dance lessons like salsa or belly dancing.

• Anytime you are doing a research paper and are allowed to do so, cover the country where you studied so your knowledge will stay fresh.

• Volunteer to speak about the country where you studied to local community organizations or schools.

• If your academic schedule permits, consider going abroad again.  If not, start planning for a return visit.

• Subscribe to magazines that will keep you informed of international opportunities.

• If your family lives in Omaha, consider being a host family for Creighton international students during the school year or for the holidays. 

• Celebrate the holidays that are native to your host country.