Recycling and Landfill

Campus Recycling and Landfill

Recycling 101

Creighton University is a single-stream recycling campus. This means paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal can all comingle in any recycling bin on campus. We work with FirstStar Recycling for our recycling needs.

If you have a recyclable item from the list below, please place the empty, clean item in any bin marked for recycling. We have a variety of recycling bins on campus. Some may say they only take cans, paper, or plastic, but do not be deceived! You can place any recyclable item in any type of recycling bin.

At this time, Creighton does not offer glass recycling. Glass can be recycled at the nearby Northeast Drop-Off Site between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

What can be recycled?

What can be recycled?

Office paper, copy paper, colored paper, envelopes, newspapers, magazines, phone books, packing paper, coffee cups may all be recycled in any recycling bin on campus.


All cardboard may be recycled in any recycling bin on campus. Extra-large cardboard boxes can be recycled in two locations: 1. On the first floor of Creighton Hall, near the vending machines and; 2. Outside, to the west of Skutt Student Center. Please break down boxes before you place them in a bin, thank you! Pizza boxes can be recycled, but please remove any pizza first.


All empty and clean plastic bottles (lids may stay on!), frozen food trays, carryout containers, cups/lids, cookie trays, and utensils may be recycled in any recycling bin on campus.


All empty and clean metal/aluminum bottles and cans may be recycled in any recycling bin on campus

What must go to landfill?

What must go to landfill?

Items below cannot go into our campus recycling bins. When possible, please reuse items such as plastic bags. If items cannot be reused, please place them in a landfill receptacle.

  • Food and liquids
  • Chip bags
  • Glass
  • Gum and candy wrappers (including foil wrappers)
  • Used and unused Kleenex, paper towels, or any hygiene products
  • Styrofoam
  • Pens, markers, pencils
  • Plastic bags (save to reuse or use as trash bags in your room or office)
  • Single-use, alkaline batteries
  • Construction materials

Additional Recycling and Landfill Information

Additional Recycling and Landfill Information

Rechargeable batteries, empty aerosol cans, lightbulbs other than incandescent, mercury-containing devices: The EPA and NDEQ require us to recycle these items. Please contact Mary Duda at

Computers and Electronics: Please visit

Scrap Metal and Large Quantities of Items: Please fill out a work order.

Lab Equipment: For disposal of medical or scientific lab equipment, please contact Mary Duda at