About Us

About C-NAAP

As a Jesuit Catholic institution, we are charged with the task of how to best engage, enroll, educate, and graduate students from groups historically underrepresented in higher education. The National Institute for Native Leadership in Higher Education reports that, for every 20 Native American students entering college, only three will graduate with a bachelorís degree. Native American students are clearly under-represented in higher education. The Creighton Native American Advancement Program (C-NAAP) strives to provide Native American students with the academic, cultural, social, and spiritual support necessary to promote their path to success and their persistence and graduation at Creighton University.

Program Benefits

Educational services such as:

  • Academic counseling and support
  • Career guidance and exploration
  • Mentoring
  • Cultural and spiritual support
  • Social and extracurricular support
  • Financial aid and scholarship assistance
  • Service Learning

Building Bridges

C-NAAP is designed to achieve its objectives through various on and off campus partnerships. C-NAAP partnered with Central High Schoolís All Nationís student organization to serve local Native American students that aspire to higher education. Through this relationship Native American Creighton students are reminded why they, too, are striving for higher education. C-NAAP students provide the following services:

  • Tutoring
  • ACT/SAT prep
  • Scholarship support
  • College ready workshops