Gateway Immersion

Brief history of the program

These immersion trips have been part of Creighton’s history since 2000. With the departure of Reverend Raymond Bucko, S.J., the end of the Cardoner program, and the transition of the Gateway program into the Ignatian College Connection program, the Immersions fall under C-NAAP.

About the Gateway Immersion Service Trip

The Gateway fall and spring immersion trips are an integral component of Creighton?s mission and education. The immersions focus on college preparedness and scholarship assistance, but the trips also incorporate social justice through developing an awareness of Native people. Creighton students not only provide direct service, but they learn about the Tribal culture and issues facing each reservation community. The Gateway Immersion Service Trips take place on reservations in Arizona, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

The intention of these trips is to provide access to higher education for disadvantaged, low-income, and minority students. These immersions also serve as a pipeline for students from these reservations to matriculate at Creighton. The success of these trips is evident in the outcomes of our high school participants in the immersion program and the eagerness of the communities to see Creighton students return to serve in the schools.

General information for participation

Cost: Expenses are covered by the Creighton Native American Advancement Program, but we ask you to provide for two of your meals while travelling to and from your host site. We also ask that keeping with Tribal values of generosity you provide a gift for your host family, as a token of gratitude.

When: Fall and Spring Break

Duration: 5 - 7 days


  1. Conduct yourself in accordance with Ignatian values

  2. Complete the appropriate pre-trip training sessions

  3. Complete post-trip evaluations