Native American Learning Community

The mission of the NALC is to provide Native American students specialized academic and social services to ensure a positive college experience that results in persistence. All undergraduate Native American students are provided integrated services through a mix of academic and support services based on student needs.

The goals of Native American Learning Community are to:

  • Assist Native American students in the development of strategies and attitudes to maximize academic success.
  • Foster a sense of community by assisting Native American students in developing positive. relationships with peers, instructors, staff, and campus resources.
  • Increase Native American student engagement and motivation.

The NALC was linked to the NAS 101 class which serves as an option for the CORE category D, social and behavioral science. NALC incoming students moved in one day early. Parent and student orientations occurred on Saturday morning, before the majority of Creighton students moved into the dorms. Upper-class Native American students serve as mentors for NALC participants. The NALC community provides Native American students with personal, cultural, and academic support, as well as the knowledge of and access to campus resources required for academic success and persistence to graduation. The community offers students the opportunity to explore their own identity as well as reach beyond their tribal background to learn about the backgrounds of peers.