UB Ambassadors

What is the UB Ambassadors Program?

The Upward Bound (UB) Ambassadors program was created to help students gain leadership skills, communication skills, and volunteer experiences within the Omaha community. Through the UB Ambassadors program student are given the opportunity to campaign and be elected to an officer position or serve as a class delegate, and present and leading programming. 

The goal of the Ambassadors program is to give each student an opportunity to build strong leadership/communication skills as well as participate in community service events.


Student Eligiblility

Students who wish to obtain an officer or delegate position must meet these eligiblility requirements:

?   Be a current participate with a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5

?   Have one full year as a program participate

?   Must be an active student in the Upward Bound Programs


UB Ambassadors Oath

We the student representatives of the  Upward Bound Ambassadors program will follow the examples of yesterday?s leaders in order to become the leaders of tomorrow. We represent the student body to the best of our abilities in academics, athletics, sportsmanship, and citizenship. Our goal is to strive for excellence as we build a foundation for a better tomorrow.

UB Student Council Officers and Class Delegates for 2018-2019

Congratulations to the new 2016-2017 UB Ambassadors Council

President  - Diana Lopez-Gonzalez

Vice-President - Perla Molina Carmona

Historian- Christina Rossell

Intern- Karina Navarro

Intern - Jose Gomez


Class Delegate(s)

  •  Akaykshya Chaitat
  • Ayusha Chaitat
  • Maria Elizarmag Hernandez
  • Mohamad Halzm
  • Juan Martinez
  • Karla Ponce

Contact Information

Questions regarding the UB Ambassadors program or events please contact:

Jennifer Johnson, M.S., Senior TRiO Coordination


Deidra Devers- Senior TRiO Coordination