Graduate School Fact Sheet



Gail Jensen, PhD

331 full-time
1,120 part-time

310 drawing from 8 of Creighton’s 9 schools and colleges

About the Graduate School

  • Creighton's 1st master's degree was awarded in 1893; the 1st PhD was conferred in 1971
  • Creighton graduate education develops critical judgment, independent thinking, scholarly initiative and disciplined inquiry
  • The Graduate School is a leader in interdisciplinary education and offers both on-campus and online programs
  • More than 65% of Creighton graduate students are enrolled in online programs
  • In 2019, U.S. News & World Report ranked Creighton No. 16 in Best Online Graduate Education Programs, No. 17 in Best Online MBA, No. 20 in Best Online Graduate Business Programs (Excluding MBA), and No. 9 in both Best Online MBA for Veterans and Best Online Graduate Business Programs for Veterans (Excluding MBA)

The Graduate School is continually adding to its academic offerings with distinctive and innovative programs

  • There are more than 45 programs
  • Master's degrees are offered in business, leadership, conflict resolution, education, school counseling, humanities, health care, public health, ministry, theology and science
  • Newer programs include MS in Analytics, MS in Educational Specialist and the early childhood education certificate program
  • 22 newly approved accelerated master's programs, allowing students to complete an undergraduate and graduate program on an accelerated basis

Including doctoral degrees

  • The Doctoral Program in Interdisciplinary Leadership (EdD) is our largest online program, this year drawing students from 43 states and 5 countries
  • Other doctoral programs include biomedical sciences, medical microbiology and immunology, pharmacology, and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

And graduate certificate programs

  • Graduate certificates are in business analytics, Catholic school leadership, bioethics, clinical ethics consultation, health care ethics, health care consultation, lifestyle medicine, medical anthropology, negotiation and conflict resolution, personal finance planning, enterprise risk management, financial psychology and behavioral finance, project management, spiritual direction/directed retreats, organizational leadership, early childhood education and more

Dual-degree programs provide additional expertise and professional career opportunities

  • Creighton offers dual degrees in business, law, medicine, negotiation/conflict resolution, business intelligence and analytics, health care ethics, organizational leadership and more

Our more than 5,900 alumni live out Creighton's mission of excellence

Just a few Graduate School alumni who have made a difference include:

  • Lt. Col Michael Anderson, MS'90, (1959-2003), U.S. astronaut, space missions Endeavor and Columbia
  • Lu Amy Sun, MD, PhD'90, physician and molecular pharmacologist, medical director of experimental medicine at Procter & Gamble, chair of the American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT) geriatric section
  • Rev. Steven A. Boes, MS'94, national executive director of Boys Town, former director of St. Augustine Indian Mission in Winnebago, Neb.
  • Jeff Thompson, MS'10, detective with NYPD, crisis and hostage negotiation
  • Susan Toohey, EdD'13, principal at Nelson Mandela Elementary School in North Omaha