School of Pharmacy and Health Professions Fact Sheets

Fast Facts


Established as Creighton College of Pharmacy. Expanded over the years to include other health professions.

Interim Dean
Evan Robinson, PhD


112 faculty members


  • Clinical doctorates in pharmacy (Pharm.D.), occupational therapy (OTD) and physical therapy (DPT)
  • Certificates, associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in emergency medical services (EMS)

About the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions

The School of Pharmacy and Health Professions (SPAHP) is an academic pioneer

  • First in the nation to offer entry-level doctorates in occupational therapy and physical therapy
  • First accredited online pharmacy program in the nation
  • Among the first to offer post-baccalaureate Doctor of Occupational Therapy program in the country
  • Innovative partnerships with the University of Alaska Anchorage (OTD) and Regis University in Denver (OTD)
  • 45 years of EMS education, including 25 years offering the Bachelor of Science in EMS (BSEMS)

And the faculty is second to none

  • One of the largest OT faculties in the nation, with nearly 30 faculty members holding terminal degrees, 5 of which have been recognized as Fellows by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)
  • For more than 25 years, faculty members in our Center for Drug Information and Evidence-Based Practice have provided evidence-based, timely and unbiased information to health care professionals
  • Fewer than 15% of pharmacy schools in the U.S. offer as much drug information expertise to the professional community
  • The Center for Health Services Research and Patient Safety is recognized nationally for its work in patient safety research and education
  • The School of Pharmacy and Health Professions is one of 10 schools nationally which has developed a medication therapy management (MTM) center in partnership with a national MTM administrator

Our students are exceptional

  • They come from 46 states and 42 countries
  • Our 134 international students represent almost 11% of the student population
  • More than 80% of our students receive 1 to 3 job offers before they graduate
  • First-time national licensure pass rates in pharmacy and PT have been nearly 100% the past several years

And the clinical experiences they have at Creighton are outstanding

  • Clinical sites are offered across the country in every health care discipline, including pediatrics, geriatrics, mental health, acute and long-term care and more
  • Students hone their clinical skills in large hospital settings as well as smaller rehabilitation or ambulatory care clinics
  • The Office of International Relations for Health Sciences through collaborative exchange programs promotes international education, research and clinical practice. The office is a leader in establishing and strengthening international partnerships with colleges and universities across the world.
  • 40+ students traveled to China, Dominican Republic, Chile, Korea, United Kingdom, Thailand and Italy
  • DPT students receive more than 44 weeks of clinical training, up to 10 weeks more than PT students at other Midwest schools
  • The Center for Medication Therapy Management was the first school to partner with AdhereHealth to establish a remote site for student pharmacists and 1st-year residents to provide medication therapy management services

Creighton offers valuable postprofessional residencies and fellowships

  • SPAHP is affiliated with CHI Health, the largest health system in the region, for residency training
  • 23 residency or fellowship positions: 9 in pharmacy, 9 in PT, 4 in OT and 1 pharmacy fellowship in drug information and natural medicines SPAHP is affiliated with CHI Health, the largest health system in the region, for residency training

Our students are dedicated to service

  • SPAHP students, faculty and staff gave 3,922 hours of health-related service to those in need last year
  • 479 students completed 3,387 hours of health-related community service last year
  • They help alleviate health disparities for people in need in Omaha, the Dominican Republic and China

And our more than 8,400 alumni live out Creighton's mission

Just a few SPAHP alumni who have made a difference include:

  • Nelly Nigro, BSPha’45 (1925-2017) - Bequeathed more than $1 million to the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions, the largest gift in the school’s 114-year history; 2008 Alumni Merit Award recipient
  • Nick Kietzman-Greer, BA’04, DPT’07 - Served in the Dominican Republic for several years, helping refine and expand physical therapy education in the country, and putting his faith in action by constructing churches, interpreting for patients at clinics, and providing food and companionship to those without; 2019 Alumni Merit Award recipient
  • Jack Wareham, BSPha’64, HON’16 - Former chairman and CEO, Beckman Coulter, Inc.
  • Brittany Stryker, BSHS’06, OTD’06 - Practice manager, Orthopedic Motion Inc., Las Vegas; founded KIDDOS, a nonprofit foundation that provides high-quality orthotic and prosthetic devises to low-income children; 2016 Alumni Merit Award recipient