College Home Page Content

College Home Page Featured Content

School or college home page content diagram

Featured content appears across the web property in the form of featured stories, graphics, etc. This content is designed to support Creighton's key brand messages and Web Strategy. As such, the graphics and content that appear in these areas will be managed by the Web Strategy team in Marketing and Communications and scheduled according to the web editorial calendar for each school/college.

College Home Page Content Guidelines

1. Hero Image

The college home page hero image is reserved for high-level brand messages targeted at prospective students. The Web Strategy team will create and schedule this content to align with current admissions goals and overall brand strategy. The Web Strategy team will create a "library" of sliders to be deployed throughout the year according to the editorial calendar. The images will be updated annually.
Update: Quarterly

2. About Section

The "About" section will introduce prospective students to the individual college, highlighting key brand differentiators and linking to the "About" page (second tier) for additional information. This is a critical space to leverage key concepts, themes and words for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Update: Quarterly
Headline: 30-40 Characters (including spaces)
Copy: 30-40 words
Button: 10-30 characters (with spaces)

3. Featured Links

Featured links will be utilized to reinforce the key calls-to-action (CTAs), such as Request Info, Visit or Apply. Because featured links are tied to CTAs and strategy, they appear as a graphic button to give them more visual prominence.
Limit: 3 Featured Links per page
Update: Quarterly
Copy: 15-20 characters (with spaces)
Color & Placement: Most important CTA appears at the top of all featured links and uses the orange #FFA300 background color. The remainder use the blue #002F6C background color.

4. Featured Content

Three sections dedicated to success stories, special programs or events, and donations, highlighting the latest story that supports the college's goals.
Update: Monthly
Headline: 30 Characters (including spaces)
See "Featured Story Headline" in Copy/Text Styles.
Copy: 78 Characters (including spaces)
Image: 350x160 px

5. Copy Box

Across the site, copy boxes will be utilized to highlight key brand differentiating statistics. The copy boxes will contain a link to a relevant site page. Example: "96% placement within 8 months. Learn more" would be linked to Undergraduate Admissions Job Placement Outcomes.
Update: Quarterly
Copy: 8-10 words
Button: 10-15 characters (with spaces)