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The Werner Institute is only the latest addition to Omaha's fast-growing alternative scene

It is perhaps no coincidence that as ambitious an endeavor in the growing field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as is being undertaken at the Werner Institute would find a home in Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha is, after all, one of the best kept secrets in the country when it comes to quantum leaps in the future of urban America. The city, which recently rebuilt its downtown and Missouri Riverfront with a multi-billion dollar investment, is home to one of the hottest independent rock music scenes in the world, the largest urban design program of its kind ever undertaken by a US city, some of the largest and most innovative corporations in the country including four Fortune 500 companies, and an incredible array of restaurants, performing arts facilities, entertainment districts, and recreational opportunities. Yet, despite its growth into one of the most prosperous and forward-looking cities in the country, Omaha still maintains its best traditions as a place where people are friendly and welcoming and where both individual and community spirit thrive. While so many cities in the country have achieved growth at the expense of traffic gridlock, skyrocketing costs of living, high crime, and air pollution, Omaha is in a metropolitan area of nearly 1 million people that features ease of commuting, inexpensive but elegant housing, and lower than average crime and pollution rates.

The Werner Institute takes its place in this exciting city "where imagination meets opportunity." You will find the Werner Institute on the cutting edge of developing innovative approaches that reduce the costs of conflict and increase the opportunities for collaborative gain in the conduct of business, in relationships within and among organizations and communities, in the workplace, and in healthcare settings.