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Harold Good - "An Unfinished Journey"

On Wednesday, October 5th at 7:30 pm in the Hixson-Lied Auditorium of the Harper Center we are honored to have Rev. Harold Good tell us about his triumphs and troubles in creating peace. Immediately following the lecture there will be a reception with beverages and dessert for all to attend.

Harold Good's "An Unfinished Journey" takes us through the struggles that he encountered; battling through religious, social, and political barriers while searching for peace amongst communities. This lecture will share the story of the Northern Ireland peace process and attempt to explain the historical roots as well as the consequences of our long drawn out period of violence and, more importantly, the journey which has brought us to the remarkable and dramatically different place in which we now are.  

Rev. Harold Good (left) and Fr. Alec Reid (Right) after receiving the "René Cassin" Human Rights Award from the Basque government.




Harold Good will be with us in Omaha for a full week. We have other opportunities for engagement that will be announced soon.
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Rev. Harold Good

Who is Harold Good?

Once president of the Methodist Church in Ireland, Rev. Dr. Harold Good has demonstrated a lifetime commitment to peace, justice, and reconciliation. Good is particularly known for his ministry on the streets of Northern Ireland. It is here that he displayed both physical and spiritual courage in working to reconcile the Protestant and Catholic communities. With cultural and political identities clashing, Rev. Good and his ministry worked to build bridges between the two communities, urging the end to violent action and reaction. With an emphasis on the importance of faith and using hope as a guiding principle during this difficult time, Good was able to bring peace to Northern Ireland after years of trauma.


Collaborators bringing you this event:

Father David Korth

Much like Harold Good, Fr. David Korth is working to build a stronger community here in Nebraska. Fr. Korth is the Director of the St. Augustine Indian Mission where he seeks to educate and assist those in becoming more respectful of life and to become positive contributors to their community. Through the St. Augustine Indian Mission School students learn value for their faith, themselves, their family, and a better understanding of their past and where that may lead them.

Please visit the St. Augustine Indian Mission Website for further information and how you can help.



Father Don Doll, SJ

Fr. Doll is a Jesuit priest and professor holding the Charles and Mary Heider Endowed Jesuit Chair at Creighton University. Fr. Doll has come to follow the work of Rev. Harold Good who has become an inspiration to Fr. Doll in his vocation. To learn more about Fr. Don Doll and his involvement click here.






The Werner Institute aims to be a leader in advancing the field of conflict resolution to a new level. Its focus is on bridging the gap between the field of conflict resolution and the issues faced by people in an increasingly complex world. The Werner Institute is pleased to host this event as Rev. Harold Good exudes significant determination for peace, justice, and negotiation between these two communities.