Scheduling an Event

Scheduling an Event

Learn More About the Process

The Events Review Task Group offered several informational meetings over Zoom to discuss considerations for planning events and the event review and approval process. Watch a recording of one of these sessions.

Download a handout on considerations for planning an event. The document highlights some of the factors the Event Review Task Group considers when reviewing event applications.

Creighton University students, faculty and staff planning an event must complete a “COVID-19 Event Risk Matrix” and submit their event request through CUinvolved for review by the Event Review Task Group and final approval by the COVID-19 Strategy and Implementation Team. The process is outlined below.

Students, please note: you must begin this process by submitting an event through your organization’s admin page on CUinvolved (Questions? Contact slic [at] creighton [dot] edu).   

  1. Students should start by submitting an event through their organization’s admin page on CUinvolved.
  2. All event requests (by students, faculty or staff) must be submitted to the Event Review Task Group through the In-Person Event Request Form on CUinvolved at least seven business days in advance. Requests must be accompanied by a completed “COVID-19 Event Risk Matrix.”
  3. The Event Review Task Group will review and contact the requestor if additional information is needed or to determine if modifications to the proposed event can be considered.
  4. The Event Review Task Group will make a recommendation to the COVID-19 Strategy and Implementation Team for final decision.
  5. If approved, the Event Review Task Group will also communicate with Centralized Reservations and a member of that team will contact the requestor to finalize the appropriate space and schedule for the event.

What is an event?

An “event” is defined as an in-person gathering of any size; sponsored or funded by the University, Creighton students, faculty, staff, schools, departments or units; and which takes place on or off campus. An “event” includes any form of congregating for social activities, organizational meetings, presentations, curricular activities outside the assigned classroom or regular class schedule, co-curricular programs, group rehearsals and exercising, and promotional events, including tabling. No event space will be reserved unless the event has been approved in advance.

Regular class meetings that take place according to their regular schedule and designated classroom are not included, but should follow the same safety guidelines regarding social distancing, wearing face coverings, hygiene, sharing of materials and presence of food.

Guests and Visitors

Off-campus guests are not permitted to participate in any campus activity, including class meetings, without prior approval from the COVID-19 Strategy and Implementation Team. (See Remote Employee & Visitor/Vendor Campus Access)

Event Photos

Please remember to continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines in event photos, including those posted on social media. Maintain social distancing and keep face coverings secure around your nose and mouth in photos.