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ADA Meeting - November 25, 2009

Members Present(X):
John BaxterSr. Donna Marie McGargill
Amy BonesXFran Minear
Jeff BranstetterMadan Nirmalraj
XLee BudesheimXMark Panning
Deborah DaleyXWade Pearson
Katherine HatfieldXLennis Pederson
XTeri HoppeJohn Pierce
Rachel InouyeDeb Saure
XAmy MatthewsXAnne Schoening
Minutes: The minutes from the October 28, 2009 meeting were approved by Lee Budesheim and seconded by Mark Panning

Guests: Kevin Mahler and Scott Grove

Lennis Pederson informed the group that the Committee working on a draft procedure about safe harbor in buildings is progressing. Likely needs another two months of work to complete.

Lennis thanked the Committee for input on the list of architectural barriers. The list is still being tabulated so send in more items if noted.

The ADA Awareness Survey was reviewed. The response to the survey has been light. Mark Panning will send the survey out again to possibly increase the number of responders. Lee Budesheim distributed the results of the survey responses submitted to date. The unedited comments from the responding people were circulated for review also.

Kevin Mahler and Mark Panning reported that the Omaha Community Foundation channeled about $400k to Creighton over the past year. The funds are given to the Omaha Community Foundation by private individuals or firms desiring a tax break. Funds are often earmarked by the donor with explicit instructions to the Omaha Community Foundation. Kevin encourage the Committee to prepare a document/presentation that could be give to the University Development office.

Lennis recapped the tour of the Law School. It was noted that most restrooms were not ADA compliant and those that were needed signage. ADA compliant signage was generally lacking but it was noted that a signage program was being developed and would be implemented pending funding. The chair lift to a lower level classroom seemed workable but there was not signage that directed users to the location of the elevator key. It was suggested that Lennis explore removing the keyed switches from the lift.

It was agreed the spring symposium would be convened in March or April based on space available in Skutt and around other activities of committee members. The symposium would be directed toward the Creighton populace but outside groups, agencies and individuals will be invited. The tentative program for the two hour symposium includes:

Presentation by SEN
Legal issues update by Amy Bones
Student Disabilities Management for faculty by the Counseling Center
Survey results and what the Committee learned
Website review by Mark Panning
Key note comments by Scott Grove
a) What are barriers?
b) Self-help rehab videos
c) Comments about invisible disabilities
d) Profession growth path for helping the disabled
The comments by Scott will be directed to the Creighton audience.

The meeting adjourned at 11:58AM.

The next meeting is at 11:00 am on January 27th in the Swanson Hall south conference room.