October 2009

ADA Meeting - October 28, 2009

Members Present(X):
XJohn BaxterAmy Matthews
Amy BonesXSr. Donna Marie McGargill
XJeff BranstetterXFran Minear
XLee BudesheimMadan Nirmalraj
Roselyn CerutisXMark Panning
Deborah DaleyXWade Pearson
Katherine HatfieldXLennis Pederson
Teri HoppeJohn Pierce
Rachel InouyeDeb Saure
XAnne Schoening
Minutes: The minutes from the September 30, 2009 meeting were approved by Fran Minear and seconded by Valerie Nelson

Guests: Maria Jerrell and Valerie Nelson

Val Nelson spoke about the need to update campus maps to reflect ADA parking and ADA access doors. The maps do exist on the ADA website but are not easily found.

She also mentioned that the new accessible entry way on the Creighton hall needs to be better identified.

Deb Daley could not be at the meeting to discuss distribution of the new brochure. It was agreed at the meeting that Lennis would obtain the brochures from her.

The brochures will be distributed to Human Resources, Skutt Student Center and Harper Center for handouts at front desks. Additionally, the brochure will be added to the package given at new employee orientation. An attempt will be made to give a brochure to each department leader on campus. Lastly, Mark Panning will work with Deb Daley to get the brochure posted on the ADA website.

Amy Matthews could not be at the meeting to lead a discussion on the ADA Awareness Survey. Lee Budesheim was thanked for his input on the survey tool. Lennis will follow up with Amy about releasing the survey to the campus populace.

Those attending the meeting were very appreciative of the training session offered at the September meeting. Having annual training was reaffirmed. The Committee considered how to get the information out to others on campus. Mark will continue posting the information on the ADA website. Jeff will work with Amy Bones to find a way to make the presentation more e-education friendly.

John Baxter and Wade Pearson said that the quadriplegic students on campus were doing well on campus. John said that an effort to make the campus ready for next semester will begin soon because there will be classroom and route changes for each student.

John Baxter informed the Committee on the status of the Handicapped Individuals Evacuation Plan. John is working with the fire department as leader/helpers in writing the plan. the plan will require much effort in writing and even more in training and signage once implemented.

Lennis Pederson informed the Committee about an unpleasant experience guests in a wheel chair were subjected to a few weeks back. The mother of a child in a wheel chair had an intolerable experience when they could not drive up to the Church. The signage was incomplete and access information was lacking.

Action items form the discussion
• Lennis Pederson will develop a signage program
• Mark Panning will coordinate linkage of the campus accessibility map and other pertinent information on the ADA website with the St. John’s Church website.
• Sr. Donna Marie McGargill will have a conversation with the St. John’s Church wedding planners about communications with wedding guests. The outcome may be an insert about accessibility for each wedding invitation.

Mark Panning circulated information from the Omaha Community Foundation. It revealed that Creighton is a significant recipient of funds from the Foundation annually. The challenge is to learn how to channel the funds into grants supporting ADA needs. Mark went onto say that his sub committee for grants is meeting in November.

Val Nelson asked members of the ADA Committee to attend a SEN Presentation in the lower level of the BIC during the noon hour on November 11th. She has invited a special guest to speak on his challenges over coming brain damage.

Each member of the Committee is asked to submit a list of 10 or more architectural barriers on campus. The list is requested in November so it can be discussed at the November meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 11:55 am. The next meeting is at 11:00 am on November 25th in the Swanson Hall south conference room.