January 2010

ADA Meeting - January 27, 2010

Members Present(X):
XJohn BaxterXAmy Matthews
Amy BonesSr. Donna Marie McGargill
Jeff BranstetterFran Minear
XLee BudesheimMadan Nirmalraj
Roselyn CerutisXMark Panning
Deborah DaleyXWade Pearson
Katherine HatfieldXLennis Pederson
Teri HoppeXJohn Pierce
Rachel InouyeXDeb Saure
XAnne Schoening
Guests: Maria Jerrell
            Scott Grove
Minutes: The minutes from the November 25, 2009 meeting were approved by Deb Saure and seconded by Wade Pearson

Mark Panning reported that he, Kevin Mahler and Maria Jerrell have met to begin preparing a submittal to Laura Simek in the Development office. The goal is to get the Development Office engaged in finding gift opportunities to support ADA Compliance with an emphasis on architectural barrier removal. As another agenda item, Lennis Pederson presented a list of architectural barriers known to exist on campus. The list is needed by mark and his team to include in the submittal to Ms. Simek. Lennis was asked to add more description to the individual items, estimate the cost and prioritize the list. Members of the Committee were asked to continue adding to the list. Scott Gove volunteered to lead a tour of campus to help further identify architectural barriers.

The ADA Awareness survey was noted to have 214 respondents at meeting time. Mark panning volunteered to send announcements encouraging participation via jnet-news. The survey will be taken off distribution on February 17th. Lee Budesheim will prepare a summary report of the results to be available at the February Committee meeting.

The Committee discussed access to St. Johnís Church. Lennis Pederson displayed a campus map with suggested signage directing people with physically impaired to St. Johnís Church. The committee agreed with the plan so the signs will be ordered.

Mark Panning informed the Committee that the St. Johnís Church website had been updated to add more information about aces. The information is linked to the ADA website.

Sr. Donna Marie was not able to attend the meeting to report on handouts or other forms of communication the wedding planners were giving to brides.

The planned April 14th Symposium was discussed. Lennis Pederson reported that a planning meeting will convene in February to add more details to the planning. Amy Matthews said SEN was interested in tagging another Discovery Day to the symposium to expand interest. The Committee received her ideal positively.

Mark Panning gave a brief update on the ADA website improvements. He has added several links to make more information easily accessible.

The meeting adjourned at 11:55AM.

The next meeting is February 24, 2010 at 11:00 am in the Swanson Hall south conference room.