November/December 2010

ADA Committee Meeting - November 24, 2010

Members Present(X):
John BaxterXAmy Matthews
Amy BonesFran Minear
Jeff BranstetterXMark Panning
Julie CarlsonKalani Parker
Deborah DaleyXWade Pearson
Beverly BoyleXLennis Pederson
Michelle FerestadJohn Pierce
Katherine HatfieldXAnne Schoening
Teri HoppeStephanie Tufano

Guest: Liz Songy

Minutes from the October 27, 2010 meeting were approved by Wade Pearson and seconded by Amy Mathews.

Lennis Pederson reviewed the updated list of architectural barriers noting the priorities assigned to each need. The list has been further refined based on comments received from the Committee. An electronic file of the list was forwarded to the members on December 2, 2010, comments received at the November 24, 2010 meeting. The list will be discussed at the January 2011 meeting.

Lennis Pederson recapped conversations with Ray Bucko, SJ regarding accessibility needs. There is a need for accommodations. Facilities Management is working through the list of needs.

Mark Panning updated the Committee on the status of the grant applicant. The application, being written by Mark and Joy Doll is nearly ready to be submitted. Mark informed the Committee that Brian Young will assist with matching the grant by providing I-Pads. The Grant office is reviewing the grant. Mark anticipates submitting the grant before December 31, 2010.

The Committee worked on the Spring Symposium. The event is becoming better defined.
       • The event will be on the Mall west of 24th street
       • The event will start about 3:00 pm on a weekday in April other than April 21.
       • SEN will participate with Discovery Days
       • The symposium will focus around Aspergers Disease. Wade informed the Committee that an organization in Omaha focusing on Aspergers will be contacted as a possible partner in the presentations.
       • Amy Matthews discouraged having vendors at the symposium because it conflicted with other OT/PT Student Actives activities at a near date wherein vendors paid to have a display.
       • Mark will display website and generally be available for questions and conversations. A tent or canopy may be needed for Mark
       • Participants in the SEN, Discovery Days activities will be rewarded with tokens or other coupons recognizing their individual accomplishments.
       • A movie, Temple Grande, will be shown at about 4:30 pm in a room to be indentified west of 24th street. Wade is working through details for renting the movie. Participants at Discovery Day will be entitled to appropriate movie snakes when their coupon is returned
       • Anne Schoening is working on a series of posters to be displayed along the Mall. The posters, designed for the passive audience, will provide information about ADAAA, Committee activity, and Augsburger Disease.

The Committee toured the BIC as part of the meeting. The members noted the improved signage. There is concern about the handicapped entrance in the paring garage not being very well identified and not having a power assist door opener.

The meeting and tour adjourned at 12:15 pm.

The next meeting is at 11:00 am on January 26, 2011 in the Swanson Hall south conference room.