October 2010

October 27, 2010

ADA Committee Meeting - October 27, 2010

Members Present(X):





John Baxter


Amy Matthews

Amy Bones


Fran Minear

Jeff Branstetter

Mark Panning

Julie Carlson

Kalani Parker


Deborah Daley


Wade Pearson

Beverly Boyle


Lennis Pederson


Michelle Ferestad


John Pierce

Katherine Hatfield

Anne Schoening

Teri Hoppe

Stephanie Tufano

Guest: Anna Lewandoski
Minutes from the September 29, 2010 meeting were approved by Fran Minear and seconded by Deb Daley.Wade Pearson led discussion about the scenario of the month. The topic was about an employee with depression often being late for work at a time sensitive job.

Mark Panning could not be present at the meeting. The following information from Mark was read into the meeting minutes by Amy Mathews 

I am sorry, but I have a conflict tomorrow, 10/27/2010 for our ADA Committee meeting and won?t be able to attend. However, here is an update on the Grants investigation.

Joy Doll, Wade Pearson and I met with Tracey Chapman and Colette O?Meara the first of this month to discuss the ADA Committee collaborating with COOL ? Creighton Office of Online Learning and were going to apply for a grant offered by BlackBoard to help further access to education for students with disabilities.

The link for the grant is below.

 Blackboard Grant

In addition to that, Brian Young said that he would support us in this research grant by helping us obtain some iPads for the research project. There is another project going on to research using the iPad at Creighton and how it could help further education. The ADA grant we are applying for falls right into and is related to the iPad project

Last week, we met with the Beth Herr in the Grants office to go over what we needed to do and what rules to follow while applying for this grant. We will now start the paperwork for applying for the grant and at our next meeting we can discuss roles that others on the committee will have if we are successful obtaining the grant.

The Committee discussed the importance of the annual symposium. Fran Minear was asked to identify a time on a Tuesday or Thursday that would be lest inconvenient for faculty to attend. Anna Lewandowski indicated willingness for SEN to put on the Discovery Day program once again. The symposium will be held sometime in March/April, 2011. The theme will show case the work by the Committee: websites; architectural barrier removal; grant opportunities; previous symposiums; and a general awareness of the ADA. Lennis Pederson and Wade Pearson will meet prior to the November meeting to discuss options and begin more detailed planning. It was suggested that the symposium be podcast.

Lennis Pederson led a discussion about the prioritized list of architectural barriers. Deb Daley spoke about the content of her document about prioritizing ADA campus improvements. Committee members present agreed to take a second look at the list and further comment on the priorities before the list is finalized by Lennis.

As part of the meeting, the members toured the Lied Education Center. The veteran members were shown the improved signage and agreed progress had been made. The tour presented an opportunity to discuss the shortfalls of making a building accessible to all even though a building is relatively new and met the codes and standards at the time of construction.

Michele Ferestad introduced the idea of making the ADA Committee meeting more of an open forum extending meeting announcements to the campus affiliates. The members supported the concept.

Lennis Pederson distributed an article from the August, 2010, ADA Compliance Guide pointing out how employers must exercise caution in requesting medical information.

The meeting and tour adjourned at 12:30 pm.

The next meeting will be at 11:00 am on November 24, 2010 in the BIC - Thune Seminar Room Section C. The meeting will include a tour of the facility. A guest speaker from Nebraska Vocational Re-hab is expected to make a presentation at the meeting.