Carnegie Classification

A New Carnegie Classification for Creighton

Creighton University

Introducing the Doctoral/Professional Universities

The 2019 Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education created a new category of doctoral universities that offer at least 30 professional practice doctorates (such as MD, JD, DDS, PharmD, etc.) across a minimum of two programs. There are 123 private and 29 public universities in the new category with an average enrollment of just below 10,000 students each.

A classification including many of the nation’s finest universities

School                                     Previous U.S. News & World Report Ranking (2018-2019)

Creighton University               #1 Regional University (Midwest)
Drake University                     #3 Regional University (Midwest)
Elon University                        #1 Regional University (South)
Gonzaga University                 #4 Regional University (West)
Samford University                 #4 Regional University (South)
Santa Clara University            #1 Regional University (West)
Seattle University                    #8 Regional University (West)
Valparaiso University              #5 Regional University (Midwest)

For a full listing of universities in the Doctoral/Professional category, click here.