FLPAs Require Vaccination

Faculty and students who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will NOT be permitted to participate in Faculty-Led Programs Abroad (FLPA) in summer 2022. The reason for this is that most countries (and currently all where FLPAs might travel) require vaccination for arrival and are not subject to the U.S. federal exemptions.

Register for Travel

As a reminder, any University-sponsored travel more than 75 miles away MUST be registered with the Global Engagement Office. The University’s preferred travel company, Concur (formerly Travel & Transport), will help to ensure that trips are strategically sourced, with appropriate travel provisions.

University-sponsored Travel is Resuming Gradually

All University-sponsored domestic and international travel must be preapproved and registered in Creighton University’s Travel Registry System:

  • Travelers must create a profile (first-time registration only) to submit each new itinerary and other travel documents (depending on destination).  
  • The registry system routes the proposed trip for administrative approval from designated college/school or divisional approvers.
  • A risk management review is then conducted by the Global Engagement Office (GEO) to determine if any special waivers will be required before clearing the traveler to purchase a ticket. 
  • When cleared by GEO, international travelers must also enroll in Creighton’s Travel Security Program (includes University-approved supplemental insurance, the AlertTraveler app, etc.).
  • All trips are tracked in the University’s Enterprise Risk Management Dashboard.

Creighton strongly recommends that all travelers (faculty, staff or students) refrain from purchasing travel tickets until the Global Engagement Office has confirmed they are cleared to travel. For more information about travel registration, participating in study-abroad opportunities, returning from international travel, or coming to Creighton as an international student, please visit Creighton’s Global Engagement Office.

For More Information:

Contact the Global Engagement Office for sponsored travel questions.