The Endowed Chair at Creighton University

The Endowed Chair At Creighton University

Both the donor and the recipient of an endowed chair become part of the legacy of Creighton University, a tradition of excellence in teaching and research nurtured through the years. Chairholders are scholars whose talents will leave an indelible mark on their fields, their students and their colleagues.

Those who choose to endow a Chair know their names will be linked to quality education for generations to come.

Creighton University is proud of the following Endowed Chairs which are currently active:

All University

The John A. Creighton University Professor (1983)


The Charles & Mary Heider Endowed Jesuit Faculty Chair (1994)

Rev. Donald A. Doll, S.J., Chairholder
Vision Quest, Men Women & Sacred Sites of the Sioux Nation,
CD-ROM, Exhibits, Red Cloud, Landmines in Angola & Bosnia,
Kodak Crystal Eagle Award.

The Anna & Donald Waite Chair in Jesuit Education (2011)

The Rev. Thomas D. Stegman, S.J.

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College of Arts & Sciences

The A.F. Jacobson Chair in Communication (1980)

John J. O'Keefe, Ph.D., Chairholder  John J. O'Keefe, Ph.D., Chairholder
  Professor of Theology
  Specializes in Patristic theology; particular interests in early
  Christian biblical commentary, doctrinal development and,
  currently, theology and the environment

The Philip M. & Ethel Klutznick Endowed Chair in Jewish Civilization (1988)

Leonard GreenspoonLeonard J. Greenspoon, Ph.D., Chairholder
Author, Jewish civilization scholar, noted worldwide speaker.


The Clare Boothe Luce Faculty Chair for Women in Science (1992)

Mackenzie Taylor, Ph.D., Chairholder
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
Research interest in plant reproductive biology


The Amelia B. & Emil G. Graff Faculty Chair in Catholic Theological Studies (1997)

Todd Salzman, Ph.D., Chairholder
Professor of Ethics
Department of Theology


The John C. Kenefick Faculty Chair in the Humanities (1998)

Patrick MurrayJ. Patrick Murray, Ph.D., Chairholder
Professor of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy


The John N. Mordeson, Ph.D. Endowed Chair in Mathematics (2006)

John N. Mordeson, Ph.D., Chairholder
Professor of Mathematics and Department Chair



The Rev. John P. Schlegel, S.J. Endowed Chair in Distinguished Professorship in Politics and Government (2015)

James Wunsch, Ph.D., Chairholder
Professor, and Director of the Department's Public Affairs Internship Program


The Barbara Reardon Heaney Chair in Pastoral Liturgical Theology (2011)

  Eileen C. Burke-Sullivan, S.T.D., Chairholder
  Associate Professor of Theology
  Director of the Online Master of Arts in Ministry
  Associate Director of the Master of Christian Spirituality program

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Heider College of Business

The Robert B. Daugherty Endowed Chair in Business Ethics and Society (1981)

  Beverly Kracher, Ph.D., Chairholder
  Professor of Business Ethics and Society,
  Executive Director of the Greater Omaha
  Business Ethics Alliance

The Jack A. MacAllister Endowed Chair in Regional Economics (1992)

Ernest P. Goss, Ph.D., Chairholder
Creighton University's widely quoted expert on business
and economics. Dr. Goss' monthly business conditions
index survey is cited in some 100 newspapers.

The Jack & Joan McGraw Endowed Chair in Information Technology Management (1997)

Ravi Nath, Ph.D., ChairholderRavinder Nath, Ph.D., Chairholder
Professor of Information Systems & Technology and
Department Chair.

The John P. Begley Endowed Chair in Accounting (1973)

Thomas D. Lewis, Ph.D., Chairholder
Associate Professor of Accounting
Department of Accounting Chair


The Union Pacific Endowed Chair in Accounting (2007)

Jack L. Krogstad, Ph.D., C.P.A., Chairholder
Professor of Accounting


Health Sciences

The Dr. C.C. & Mabel L. Criss Endowed Chair in Health Sciences (1996)

Amy M. Haddad, Ph.D., Chairholder
Professor and Director of the Center for Health Policy & Ethics

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School of Law

The A.A. & Ethel Yossem Endowed Chair in Legal Ethics (1991)

Richard Collin Mangrum, S.J.D., Chairholder
Professor of Law, author, recipient of the National Alpha Sigma
Nu Book Award for 1989 and the Outstanding Law Faculty
Award in 1998.

The Connie Kearney Endowed Chair in Clinical Legal Education (2001)

Catherine Mahern, J.D., Chairholder
Associate Professor of Law and Clinic Director of
The Milton R. Abrahams Legal Clinic

The McGrath North Mullin & Kratz Endowed Chair in Business Law (2006)

Edward A. Morse, J.D., Chairholder
Professor of Law, with scholarship and teaching
focus on business and taxation issues.

The Allen A. Sekt Endowed Chair in Law (2009)


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School of Medicine

The Peekie Nash Carpenter Endowed Chair in Medicine (1992)

Devendra Agrawal, Ph.D. (Med. Sciences), MBA, MS (ITM), FAAAAI, FAHA, Chairholder
Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Associate Dean for Translational Research
Director, Center for Clinical & Translational Science

The Dr. Harry E. Stuckenhoff Endowed Chair in Surgery (1993)

Robert J. Fitzgibbons, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S., Chairholder
Professor of Surgery, Chief of General Surgery Division


The Dr. Roland L. Kleeberger Endowed Chair (1996)

Donald R. Frey, M.D., Chairholder
Associate Professor, Family Medicine
Vice President for Health Sciences


The Tenet Healthcare Endowed Chair in Healthcare Efficacy (1998)


The Harold J. Bonnstetter Endowed Chair in Preventive Medicine (1999)

Brian Loggie

Brian W. Loggie, M.D., C.M, F.R.C.S.C., F.A.C.S., Chairholder 
Professor of Surgery, Chief of Surgical Oncology Division,
Director of Cancer Biology Program

The Dr. & Mrs. Arnold W. Lempka Endowed Chair in Surgery (2001)

Jeffrey T. Sugimoto, M.D., Chairholder
Website: http://medicine Surgery/cm/
Professor of Surgery and Chairman of Department


The Charles F. & Mary C. Heider Endowed Chair in Cancer Research (2004)

Henry T. Lynch, M.D., Chairholder
Professor of Medicine, Chair of Preventive Medicine Department


The Sheila and James J. Shea Family Endowed Chair in Anesthesiology (2006)

James L. Manion, M.D., Chairholder
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and
Vice Chair of Department


The Dr. Paul S. Mahoney Endowed Chair in Radiology & Medical Imaging (2008)

Martin L. Goldman, M.D., Chairholder
Professor of Radiology and Chair of Department


The August H. Bergman, M.D. Endowed Chair in Cardiology (2008)

  Aryan N. Mooss, M.D., Chairholder
  Professor of Medicine


School of Dentistry

The Dr. Raymond W. Shaddy Endowed Chair in Operative Dentistry (1994)

Dennis R. Higginbotham, D.D.S. '67, Chairholder
Associate Professor of General Dentistry
Director of Continuing Dental Education


The Dr. Oscar S. Belzer Endowed Chair in Dentistry (1997)

Terry M. Wilwerding, D.D.S., M.S.Ed., M.S., F.A.C.D., Chairholder
Professor, Department of Prosthodontics
Co-Director, ILAC Dental Program


The Dr. Edward J. "Eddie" and Neta DeRose Endowed Chair in Dentistry (2006)

James H. Howard, D.D.S, M.S., Chairholder
Associate Dean for Clinical Services, Director of Clinics


The Dr. Philip Maschka Chair for Ethics in Dentistry (2011)

David E. Williams, D.D.S., Chairholder
Associate Professor



School of Nursing

The Dr. C. C. and Mabel L. Criss and Drs. Gilbert and Clinton Beirne Endowed Chair in Nursing (2007)

Joan Ortmeier Lappe Ph.D., R.N., MS'85, F.A.A.N., Chairholder
Professor of Nursing and Professor of Medicine,
Director of Clinical and Pediatric Studies, Osteoporosis
Research Center.

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School of Pharmacy & Health Professions

The Gilbert F. Taffe Jr., Endowed Chair (2000)

Alekha K. Dash, R.Ph., Ph.D., Chairholder
Professor of Pharmacy Sciences

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