Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Creighton University continues to field a number of questions from students, parents, faculty and staff as the University prepares to reopen campus for in-person instruction in the fall. We ask that you check back with this website frequently for the latest updates. Have a question? Contact us at CoronavirusResponse [at] creighton [dot] edu or 402.280.2152.

Returning for the fall 2020 semester

Will faculty/staff be able to obtain plexiglass partitions on lab benches?

Plans are being developed to provide plexiglass partitions where necessary and feasible. The exact details have not yet been determined.

Is the University still considering a hybrid option where there will be some students online and some students physically present in the classroom?

Yes, while the University is making every effort to deliver classes in-person, circumstances such as gathering-size restrictions or student isolation/quarantine, may require hybrid options. Every effort will be made to ensure online and hybrid courses maintain parity with traditional in-person courses.

What PPE will people be required to wear?

Individuals must wear face coverings in public spaces on campus (including classrooms and labs), except while performing physical labor or exercising. Personal protective equipment (PPE), on the other hand (such as an N95 respirator), is reserved for faculty, staff and students in health care and laboratory settings where these items are required.

Do departments need to order their own face coverings, hand sanitizer and other items related to COVID-19 mitigation?

Creighton-branded, washable cloth face coverings have been ordered for all faculty, staff and students and will be here by the start of the fall semester. Additional hand sanitizer stations also will be placed at the entrances to buildings on campus. For other items or questions, please contact Eric Gilmore, senior director of procurement, at EricGilmore [at] creighton [dot] edu.

Will there be guidance that minimizes classroom capacity based on square footage requirements per student?

Yes, classroom, laboratory and venue spaces on campus have been analyzed to determine the maximum capacity of each room based on public health directives around social distancing and gathering sizes. Hybrid online and in-person course delivery may be required in certain instances to lessen room density. Work is proceeding to identify appropriate classroom spaces for each course for the fall semester, with as little disruption as possible to classroom schedules.


Can I come to campus to study or visit?

Creighton University’s campus is closed to all nonapproved students, faculty, staff and visitors. Creighton has approved access to campus to certain students and faculty for the completion of academic requirements and laboratory work.

Will there be in-person classes for the fall semester?

Yes, Creighton plans to reopen campus for in-person classes in the fall, dependent on national, state and local public health directives.

Are there any changes to the fall semester calendar?

Yes, traditional on-campus undergraduate students will begin the fall semester classes early, on Aug. 17. Creighton will not have a fall break, and the term will conclude on Nov. 25, the day before Thanksgiving.

Updated fall academic calendars for undergraduate, graduate and professional programs are posted on the Office of the Registrar website.

If a student is unable to come to campus, will they still pay the same tuition and fees?

A portion of our fees are dedicated to campus infrastructure and maintenance that are not tied to specific services and periods of use. These funds support improvements and services that support the entire University community, such as technology in the classrooms, library content and telehealth and counseling. As a result, some fees are associated with being on campus, while other fees will be assessed whether students are on campus or off. We are working to clarify these fees and will post an updated fee schedule very soon.

Are students who lived in the residence halls for the spring semester allowed to return to collect their belongings?

Students within a 500-mile radius from campus can make an appointment to pick up their residence hall belongings, have them stored in a secure facility until August, or packed and moved to their next on-campus residence hall room. Visit Bluejay Pack and Move.

What if I’m unable to return to campus to collect my belongings?

They can be stored in a secure facility until August, or packed and moved to your next on-campus residence hall room. See Bluejay Pack and Move.

Will the residence halls be open for the fall semester?

Yes, Creighton plans to open its residence halls for fall. Screenings and other procedures and protocols are being developed to keep students safe.

Will I receive a credit for my unused room and board, and student fees, for the spring semester?

Yes, students who vacated the residence halls in March are receiving a prorated room-and-board credit to their student accounts. Qualifying full-time undergraduate, graduate and professional students also are receiving a blanket $250 refund for student fees. More details.

Are Academic Success services, such as tutoring, and Career Services still available?

Yes! While the Creighton EDGE office is closed, staff are working remotely. Academic coaching, tutoring and pre-professional advising services are available online, along with career services through the John P. Fahey Career Center. Learn more.

How can I stay connected to Creighton while away from campus?

Check out these virtual engagement opportunities and resources for your mind, body and spirit, developed by the Division of Student Life.

Will I still be able to access mental health counseling through Student Counseling Services?

Yes, Student Counseling Services will be providing telehealth services through Zoom for those students currently receiving these services. Students enrolled in Creighton’s health insurance plan through United Healthcare can access HealthiestYou at no cost; it’s also available to nonmembers for a fee.

Will students who are registered with a disability continue to receive academic accommodations for online courses?

Disability Services has worked with Creighton’s Teaching and Learning Center to ensure that academic accommodations are moved online to the greatest extent possible. If you are not registered with Disability Services and are in need of a short-term accommodation as a result of COVID-19, please complete this form.

Events and Gatherings

Will events still be held on campus?

All University, department and student-organization events are canceled until the University resumes normal operations. Any outside visits to campus, such as admissions visits, are canceled until further notice. Prospective students can learn more and register for virtual campus visits.

Will Masses continue to be held at St. John’s Church?

The 10:30 a.m. Sunday Mass at St. John’s Parish is open for in-person attendance for families of those awaiting sacraments; Sunday Mass and noon Masses, Monday-Saturday, are livestreamed.