Value of Education

discover the value of a creighton degree.

Creighton University

A college education is an investment. So, why invest in Creighton? At Creighton, students find value throughout their college years and after. With every college course and every academic credit, with every challenge and every success, Creighton will make your college experience well worth the investment.

At Creighton, the value of our education starts in the classroom.

Our low student-to-faculty ratio (11:1) means you get personalized attention. Our four-year graduation rate is 25 percent higher than the national average and the highest in the state of Nebraska—saving you time and money. The Creighton EDGE® offers academic coaching and counseling, alumni mentoring, internship opportunities, resources to you help identify and achieve career goals, and other services.

Our students can begin as early as their freshman year collaborating with faculty on hands-on academic research—an experience not found at larger universities. The Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURAS) helps facilitate undergraduate student research. Nationally, U.S. News & World Report ranked Creighton among 90 universities recognized for an extraordinary commitment to undergraduate research/creative projects. 

Creighton students have access to thousands of job and internship opportunities locally and around the country. In Omaha, students often find internship roles at several Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies that are headquartered here. The John P. Fahey Career Center offers many tools and resources—including our worldwide network of alumni—to help students find employment opportunities and reach their career goals.

Overall Admissions Stats

Your Return On Investment

Investing in a Creighton education will greatly benefit your quality of life. With a bachelor’s degree, median weekly income almost doubles compared to a high school diploma. 

Take a look at these median weekly incomes:

median weekly incomes

In addition, those with college degrees have low unemployment rates:

Those with college degrees have low unemployment rates.

What Our New Graduates Earn

At Creighton University, our graduates find success right away. Within six months of graduation, 97% of our recent alumni are employed, enrolled in graduate studies or participating in a service program. When employed, Creighton graduates are earning salaries competitive with national averages:

Median starting salaries for grads.

Median starting salaries for recent grads in full-time positions from all three undergraduate colleges are competitive with national averages despite the fact that many students located to the Midwest where the cost of living is much lower than the national average. Top earners from all three colleges made over $115,000.

text only: students gained experience

  • 83% Completed an internship or participated in academic research
  • 35% Completed more than one internship. Many students participate in more than one - some up to four or five

Text only: Median Weekly Incomes by Education Attainment Level

2018 Median usual weekly earnings:

  • Professional degree: $1,884
  • Doctoral degree: $1,825
  • Master’s degree: $1,434
  • Bachelor’s degree: $1,198
  • Associate degree: $862
  • High school diploma: $730

Text only: Unemployment Rate by Education Attainment Level

2018 Unemployment rates:

  • Professional degree: 1.5%
  • Doctoral degree: 1.6%
  • Master’s degree: 2.1%
  • Bachelor’s degree: 2.2%
  • Associate’s degree: 2.8%
  • High school diploma: 4.1%

text only: what our new graduates earn

  • $51,000 Heider College of Business
  • $50,000 College of Nursing
  • $38,400 College of Arts and Sciences