Energy Management

The Energy Awareness Committee is a non-sanctioned committee that was formed in 2001. In the aftermath of the natural gas shortage of the winter of 2000 and subsequent price increase of the cost of natural gas, it became apparent that something more had to be done to help control the rising cost of our utilities. Facilities Management also realized it could not do it without the help of the entire campus. Hence, the concept of a new committee whose main focus would be to not only raise the level of awareness of the problem but to hopefully create a desire in all employees to do their part in the process.

Facilities Management solicited all Faculty and Staff with an all campus mailing that included an open invitation to join the new committee. The response was excellent and within a short time the committee was formed. The first year of existence was primarily a think tank on the subject of energy conservation. The results of these meetings gave birth to a number of the programs that are featured on this site.

News and Information

Meetings are currently held the first Tuesday of every month at 9 am. 

Would you like to join the committee?  Stop by one of the meetings, or contact George for more information.

Too hot?  Too cold?  Contact Facilities Management and fill out a Service Request Form.

If you notice something wasting energy, such as extra lights, doors that won't close, etc., please contact us so we can get it fixed!