Shuttle Services

Jayride Taxi Service

Jayride was initiated to free up Public Safety for more important duties.

Jayride is a C.U. Taxi Service that is free for Faculty, Staff and Students.

Hours of operation are 11pm until 2 am, Seven day a week.

We still want everyone to consider riding the Shuttles until 1am.  The Taxi should be used as safe alternative to waiting for a Shuttle on outlaying stops where safety could be in question.

For transports, call 402-546-TAXI (8294).

How to Find Us

Shuttle Services
Mark Simanek
Director of Transportation

Jahn Building
2204 Burt Street

(402) 280-2396
Fax: (402) 280-4026

GPS Shuttle Locater

Creighton Shuttles can now be tracked with GPS

Go to the following to view the current location of the Shuttles:

VAN and SHUTTLE Scheduling Questions

MIke Willey - Fleet Coordinator

402-650-7610 or


VAN RENTAL - Who can rent vans?

Creighton can no longer rent vans for non Creighton University functions due to Liability issues.

Drivers must be Van certified.  Certification can be arranged by calling the Environmental Health & Safety Office at 402-546-6400.

If you need information on external rentals, please contact the Transportation Office at 402-280-2396.


Campus shuttle service provides faculty, staff, students, and visitors with safe and convenient transportation to most sites on campus up to 19 1/2 hours a day. Two routes, the East shuttle and the West shuttle, run concurrently to link all corners of the campus with most destinations in between. The Burt St. shuttle transports employees and students to and from parking lots bordering Burt Street. 

Campus shuttle service runs during the undergraduate school year and is off for all undergraduate breaks and holidays.

Shuttles remain in contact with Public Safety personnel to provide extra "eyes and ears" while they are on their routes, reporting any suspicious activity.

Should you need to determine the location of a shuttle late at night, please call Public Safety at 402-280-2104.



Van Rental is not available during Fall and Spring Break.  If you need a van during this time, contact the Transportation Department at 402-280-2396 and we will assist you in finding a vehicle.


Shuttle and Van Rental Rates changed on July 1, 2011

Van Rental in town went from $55 per day to $60 per day

Van Rental out of town went from $75 per day to $85 per day

Shuttle rental went from $38 per hour to $43 per hour