Department of Internal Audit


On behalf of the staff of the Internal Audit Department I welcome you to our website.  I am T. Paul Tomoser and serve as the Internal Audit Director.  We are excited that you have come to pay us a virtual visit.

We have assembled a collection of informative resources to assist you in understanding the internal audit process, our department and the ways in which we serve the University and discharge our professional responsibilities.  Our Frequently Asked Questions section answers many questions about the types of assurance and consulting engagements we perform and our basic engagement approach and methodology.

We consider ourselves partners with administration and management teams across campus.  We see ourselves in an auxiliary role assisting them in their stewardships to educate, inspire and serve.  We desire to enhance academic and administrative processes by recommending ways to make them more effective and efficient.  Our objectivity and independent reporting structure allows us to view unit objectives, efforts, accomplishments, risks, control activities, information and communication systems, processes and procedures in a unique and unencumbered way.  We continually strive to issue meaningful reports that address risk, control and governance matters which are of concern to you, our stakeholders.  If it's important to you - it's important to us!

We remain firm in our support of the University and its administration and management teams and will continue to fulfill our role assisting and furthering the mission of Creighton University to the best of our ability.