University Assessment Committee

University Assessment Committee

The University Assessment Committee (UAC) is designed to foster communication between all colleges, schools, and divisions that facilitate and assess student learning.  Committee members are nominated by their schools, colleges or divisions and appointed by the President.  The UAC works to promote an integrated culture of assessment consistent with the Creighton mission. The committee is charged to coordinate assessment at the University level; represent all academic and co-curricular areas in articulating an integrative assessment program and provide feedback and assistance to programs, colleges and schools to advance efforts to enhance University support for assessment.

The UAC meets regularly throughout the academic year (meeting minutes are available). | UAC Symposium and Program History

The 2019-2020 UAC members are:


Unit Represented

Tom Barnard

School of Medicine

Patrick Borchers

School of Law

Ronette Bruner

School of Pharmacy & Health Professions

Lydia Cooper

Magis Core Curriculum

Brenda Coppard

School of Pharmacy & Health Professions

Liz Dross

Information Technology & Library Services

Alicia Earl

College of Arts & Sciences

Deborah Ford

Teaching and Learning Center

Rachel Gibson

Creighton EDGE

Amanda Guidero

Graduate School

Brittany Hall

Mission & Ministry

Jean Hearn

College of Arts & Sciences

Lydia Holtz

Graduate School - Interdisciplinary Studies

Gail Jensen

Graduate School

Margaret Jergenson

School of Dentistry

Angela Lampe

School of Pharmacy & Health Professions

Sarah Lux

Graduate School - Distance

Mike Miller

Graduate School - Distance EMS

Sarah Oliver

Teaching and Learning Cenger

Taunya Plater

Graduate School

Lori Rusch

College of Nursing

Patty Scholting

School of Medicine

Curtis Taylor

Student Life


Analytics and Institutional Research

Deborah Wells

Heider College of Business

Becky Wymer

University Libraries


 * denotes Chair of the University Assessment Committee

The UAC provided leadership for the campus as we participated in the Higher Learning Commission's Academy for Assessment of Student Learning, a four-year focused effort on improving the quality and scope of assessment of student learning at Creighton. Admission to the Academy was based on a competitive review of applications from a variety of schools within the HLC's geographic region. As you will see from reading our application to the Academy, we relied on participation from all areas of the university. If you would like to participate in our assessment efforts, email or call Brenda Coppard (x3128).