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Tru-Vue Stereo

Tru Vue Second Try2.jpg (42346 bytes)TRU-VUE STEREO FILM CARD

1960 Aesop's Fables. Tru-Vue stereo film card. F-14. ©1960 by Sawyer's, Inc. Beaverton, Oregon: Tru-Vue Company. $6 from Jim Watson, San Antonio, on a contact made originally through Ebay, May, '99.

I did not know that there was such a thing as Tru-Vue till I found several items advertised on Ebay. When I lost the auction, I emailed Jim to ask if he might be willing to part with the Aesop portion of what he had bought. He was very gracious. The original package is still unopened! Its price back in 1960 was 35¢ TH receives three pairs of pictures, DS two, and LM two. The pictures seem to be heavy on red tones; perhaps they have faded into that color. Now I will be amazed if I ever find a Tru-Vue viewer!