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F & S "C" Brown Floral Pattern

1980? This series features the same cursive "Fables de La Fontaine" above each picture and, apparently, the same images as the Ivy Pattern above.  Click on either image to see more illustrations.



A handleless bowl 6" across featuring OF.  On the opposite side there is a panel with the fable's title and moral in cursive.  Around these two elements are a raised unpainted floral pattern.

This is the kind of bowl from which I love to drink café-au-lait when I am in Paris.  The image seems to me Rabier-like.  The ox looks back with a wary eye on the enlarged but not yet burst frog.



A pitcher 7˝" high with the same brown ceramic and the same unpainted floral pattern.  The image here under the "Fables de La Fontaine" signature is of MM, the same MM image as the handleless bowl in the Ivy Pattern series.  On the other side of the pitcher is a panel offering four lines from late in the fable.  $28 from fabulousfinds68_2 on eBay, Feb., '17.

I presume that this is especially meant as a milk pitcher, but the fable does not augur well for the fate of this pitcher.  It is after all differently shaped from the pitcher in the image!