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Interactive Dashboards

The Department of Analytics and Institutional Research (AIR) has developed these interactive dashboards to provide various stakeholders access to different institutional data. These dashboards represent varying statistics since 2018-19, including student enrollment, profiles, & outcomes, and information about faculty and staff at the university (Note: For data prior to 2018-19, the factbook archives can be accessed). This data allows users to filter the data by different characteristics, as well as download the data. Click on the links below to access each specific dashboard.

CU Student Headcount and Full-time Equivalency (FTE)

This dashboard provides student headcount and FTE for fall, spring, and summer terms for the last three years. The different tabs include an overall profile of student enrollment by each term, a longitudinal comparison for 2018-2020, enrollment by each school or college, and the state or country of origin for our students.

CU Degrees Awarded

This dashboard provides data about the degrees that are awarded each year since 2017-18. The different tabs include a trend comparison of degrees awarded by type, diversity characteristics of students who earned the degrees, undergraduate degrees by academic field and major, including both primary and secondary degrees, and trend data for graduate degrees by degree type, academic field, and program.

CU First-Year Student Profile

This dashboard provides a comprehensive look at our first-time, full-time (FTFT) students for the past three years, including both fall and spring terms. The different tabs include an overall profile of FTFT students, overall trend data of FTFT students, trend data of FTFT students by college, comparison data by college, scores and percentiles of entrance exams scores and high school GPA’s, and state or country of origin for our FTFT students.

CU Retention and Graduation Rates

This dashboard provides retention and graduation rates for our first-time, full-time students. The different tabs include retention and graduation rates based on individual characteristics, comparison retention and graduation rates between different student groups (e.g., male vs female), and retention and graduation rates by each cohort (e.g., fall 2014).

CU Faculty and Staff

This dashboard provides headcount and FTE data on the faculty and staff employed at the university. The different tabs include an overall profile of our faculty and staff by part-time and full-time status, a faculty profile by college and various demographics, faculty comparison trends, and faculty trends by college and department.

Health Sciences Enrollment and Outcomes

This dashboard focuses primarily on health sciences students data, including medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. The dashboard allows users to filter by multiple different characteristics on each tab. The different tabs include enrollment data by term, longitudinally, by school/college, and by location. Student outcome data is also available by each school and college including test scores and/or employment/residency.


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