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Academic Publications by William F. Rigge, SJ

These selections of Father Rigge's published articles are only a portion of the published materials in our collections.  More articles will be added to this section in the future.

"The Eclipse Expedition of the Creighton University to Washington, Georgia." Technology Quarterly 14 (1): 7-20 (March 1901)

"The Pope and the Comet." Popular Astronomy 16 (158) (1908)

"Is Mars Inhabited?" American Catholic Quarterly Review (October 1909)

"What Catholics Have Done for Astronomy." The Report of the Proceedings and Addresses of the Seventh Annual Meeting of The Catholic Educational Association (1910)

"Saved by a Shadow." The Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada: 88-94 (March- April 1913)

"Cuspidal Rosettes." The American Mathematical Monthly 26: 332-340 (October 1919)