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The Bluejay

Creighton University's yearbook, the Bluejay, was published from 1924 through 1941.  Publication stopped during World War II and did not resume immediately following the war owing to a lack of student interest.  The Bluejay returned in 1949 and was issued each year until 2011, the last year Creighton produced yearbooks.

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Project Support and Development

The print portions of the yearbooks were digitized and placed online in 2012 by Internet Archive, a San Francisco-based non-profit that is building an internet library of historical collections in digital format.  Please note that the 45-rpm vinyl record from the 1954 yearbook and the DVDs that accompanied yearbooks since 2003 are not available online.  Funding was provided by Creighton University's Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library.

Copyright Notice

The online versions of Creighton University yearbooks are available for research and educational purposes only.  Copyright and other restrictions may apply.  Users are responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions to reprint, reproduce or make other uses of this material.