Rare Books
Rare Books

Owing to staffing changes, Archives and Special Collections is reducing operations.  Access to the Rare Books Rooms is currently by appointment only.  To inquire about visiting the Rare Books Room or accessing the rare books collection, please email archives@creighton.edu or call (402) 280-2216.  Please be advised that the ability to accommodate requests will depend on staff availability.

The Rare Books collection contains rare and valuable print materials ranging from 14th-century religious materials to U.S. historical items to first editions of prominent 20th-century writers. The main part of the collection is housed in the Rare Books Room on the main level of Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library. Researchers and classes are invited to contact us for access to the room’s collections, while casual visitors can stop by during our visiting hours.

For more information on visiting the Rare Books Room, please click here.

The Saint John's Bible

Creighton University is privileged to have a Heritage Edition of The Saint John's Bible on loan until June 2022. The Rare Books Room (on the main level of the Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library) will be home base for the Heritage Edition while it is on campus. To learn more about this wonderful work of sacred art and Scripture and its time on Creighton's campus, please visit The Saint John's Bible section of our website.

Book Preservation

During the summer of 2015, our students (including Lexie Kafka and Cat Pedigo, both of whom are in the video above) spent hours reorganizing the books by size. Since the Rare Books Room is not environmentally controlled, books can bend and warp if not supported. We try to alleviate this problem by shelving books of similar height together.